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Maldred Lord of Allerdale
(-Abt 1045)
Ealdgyth of Northumbria
(Bef 1016-)
Gospatrick [I] of Northumberland Earl of Northumberland
(Between 1040/1048-Abt 1075)
Matilda of Northumberland


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Matilda of Northumberland

  General Notes:

MATILDA . The Cronicon Cumbriæ records that "Waldevus filius comitis Cospatricii" enfeoffed "Dolfino filio Alwardi" with property and "Matilda sorore sua".

m DOLFIN, son of AILWARD & his wife ---. "Alanus filius Waldevi" confirmed the donation of "unam plenariam toftam apud Scadebuas" made to St Bees by "pater meus" by undated charter witnessed by "…Gospatricio filio Horm, Uctredo filio Uctredi, Ailwardi filio Dolf[ini], Gospatricio fratre suo…". "Alanus filius Waldeui" donated land "in Goseford" to St Bees, for the souls of "mea…et uxoris mee Emme", by undated charter, witnessed by "Waltero priore Carl[eoensi], Gosp[atricio] fratre suo. Gospatricio filio Horm, Radulfo de Lund, Uctredo filio Uct[redi], Chetello filio Ulfchil…". "Gospatricio filio Horm, Elwardo filio Dolfini, Gospatricio et Walthevo et Horm fratribus suis…" witnessed the undated charter under which "Alanus Walthevi filius" donated salmon at Cockermouth to St Bees.

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