Fergus of Galloway Lord of Galloway
(-Abt 1136)
Waltheof of Northumberland
Uhtred of Galloway Lord of Galloway
(Abt 1100-1174)
Gunhild of Northumberland
Fergus of Galloway
(-After 1196)


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Fergus of Galloway

  • Died: After 22 Sep 1196

  General Notes:

[FERGUS (-after 22 Sep 1196). "…Roll constabul, Philipp de Mubray, Willmo de Valloń, Henr Biset, Thomas de Colville, Adam fil Herb, Ferg fratre Roll, Alexander de Finton" witnessed the charter dated 22 Sep (no year) under which William King of Scotland confirmed the donation of "in territorio de Cliftun" to Melrose abbey made by "Walterus Corbet filius Walteri". It is not certain that Fergus was the brother of Roland of Galloway, but the conjunction of the names (which are unusual) make this probable. If this is correct, Fergus was not the same person as the unnamed brother who was killed in 1185, as Roland is named in the document as constable, an appointment which he assumed after the death of William de Morville in 1196.]

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