Fergus of Galloway Lord of Galloway
(-Abt 1136)
Gilbert of Galloway


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Gilbert of Galloway

  • Died: 1 Jan 1185

  General Notes:

GILBERT of Galloway (-1 Jan 1185). Malcolm IV King of Scotland with "Uhtred filio Fergi et Gilebto fratris eius et Rad filio Dunegal et Duuenaldo fratris eius" confirmed the donation of "terra de Dunroden" to Holyrood abbey by undated charter. William of Newburgh names "duo fratres Gilbertus et Uctredus Galwadensis provincić dofuini…Fergusi olim principis eiusdem provincie filii" when recording their quarrels [in 1174], commenting that "Gilbertus natu major". John of Fordun´s Scotichronicon (Continuator) records that, in the year in which King William was released from custody, "duce Gilberto filio Fergusii" led "Galwidienses" in rebellion and captured "Ochtredus…filius Fergusii…verus…Scotus", blinded him, cut out his tongue, and murdered him. John of Fordun´s Scotichronicon (Continuator) records the death of "dominus Galwallić Gilbertus, filius Fergusii" in 1185.

m ---. The name of Gilbert´s wife is not known.

Gilbert & his wife had one child: Duncan.

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