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Máel Coluim mac Donnchada Dunkeld King Malcolm III of Scotland
Ingibjörg Finnsdóttir
(Abt 1023-Bef 1069)
Gospatrick [I] of Northumberland Earl of Northumberland
(Between 1040/1048-Abt 1075)
Donnchad mac Maíl Coluim Dunkeld King Duncan II of Scotland
(Between 1060/1065-1094)
Ethelreda of Northumberland
William FitzDuncan
(Between 1091/1094-Abt 1153/1154)


Family Links

1. Unknown

  • Gospatrick MacWilliam
  • Donald MacWilliam
2. Alice de Rumilly

William FitzDuncan

  • Born: Between 1091 and 1094
  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Marriage (2): Alice de Rumilly in 1138 1
  • Died: Abt 1153-1154

  General Notes:

WILLIAM FitzDuncan, son of DUNCAN II King of Scotland & his wife Ethelreda of Northumberland ([1091/94]-[1153/54]). His parentage is confirmed by the Chronicle of John of Fordun (Continuator - Annals) which records the rebellion of his son "Macwilliam whose real name was Donald Bane…son of William son of Duncan the bastard" against King William. That William was his father's only child is shown by King Duncan's charter dated to 1093 referring to "infans mei". As the actual date of the charter is more likely to be 1094, this leaves little time for the birth of any more children before the king's murder. "…Willelmo nepote comitis…" witnessed the charter dated to [1120] under which "David comes filius Malcolmi Regis Scottorum" founded the abbey of Selkirk. "David comes filii Malcolmi regis Scotorum" founded the monastery of Kelso by charter dated to [1119/24] witnessed by "Matilda comitissa, Henrico filio comitis…Willo nepote comitis…". ["Alexander nepos regis Alexandri…" subscribed the possibly spurious charter dated to [1120] of "Alexander…Rex Scottorum…Sibilla regina Scottorum…". No other reference to Alexander nephew of King Alexander has been found. Duncan suggests the entry is an error for William and that his position in the witness list indicates that he may then have been intended by the king as his successor. However, the fact that Alexander also witnessed the [1114/15] Scone charter (see above) indicates that he was a separate person.] William acquired rights in Allerdale, Cumberland, held by his maternal uncle Waltheof. A charter of King Henry II records donations to York St Mary, including the donation of rights relating to "ecclesiam S. Begæ…et terram de Hothneth" by "Willielmus filius Duncani". "…Willelmus nepos ipsius principis…" witnessed inquisitions by "David…Cumbrensis regionis princeps", dated 1124, concerning land owned by the church of Glasgow. "…Willelmo filio Duncani…" witnessed a charter dated to [1128] by which "David…Rex Scottorum" made grants to the church of St John in the castle of Roxburgh. The Cronicon Cumbriæ records that "Ethreda sorore Waldevi patris sui" married "Doncani comes de Murrayse" and that their son "Willielmus" succeeded his cousin "Alanus filius Waldevi". "Willelmo nepote Regis…" witnessed a charter dated to [1135] by which "David Rex Scottorum" granted Swinton to "Arnulfo…mee militi". Lord of Skipton and Craven de iure uxoris. "Willielmus filius Dunecani nepos regis Scotiæ…et Aeliz de Rumeili uxor mea" confirmed donations of property to Bolton Priory by undated charter. "Willelmo filio Duncani, Gospatrico filio eius…" witnessed a charter dated to before 1138 under which "Gospatricus comes frater Dolfini" made grants to the monks of St Cuthbert. He fought at the battle of the Standard in Aug 1138. "…Willo nepote regis…" witnessed the charter dated 29 Apr 1141 under which David King of Scotland donated "terram de Eldune…Dernewic" to Melrose abbey.

[m firstly ---. The name of William´s supposed first wife or mistress is not known. It is clear that William FitzDuncan´s sons Gospatrick and Donald could not have been born from his known marriage. It is not known whether they were sons of an earlier otherwise unrecorded marriage or were illegitimate.]

m [secondly] (1138) as her first husband, ALICE de Rumilly Lady of Skipton, daughter of WILLIAM "le Meschin" Lord of Copeland & his wife Cecily de Rumilly Lady of Skipton. A manuscript genealogy of William de Forz Comte d´Aumâle names "Aliciam de Rumeleya" as daughter of "Willielmus de Mechines primus hæres de Sciptun in Craven", adding that she married "Willielmo filio Duncan" and was buried "apud Fontes". A different version of her parentage is provided by the Cronicon Cumbriæ which records that "Willielmus", son of "Doncani comes de Murrayse", married "Aliciam filiam Roberti de Romeney, domini de Skipton in Craven" and his wife "filiam Willielmi de Meschinis domini de Coupland". Lady of Skipton. "Willielmus filius Dunecani nepos regis Scotiæ…et Aeliz de Rumeili uxor mea" confirmed donations of property to Bolton Priory by undated charter. "Aaliz de Rumelli" donated property to Pontefract Priory, with the consent of "Willielmi filii mei", for the soul of "domini mei Willielmi filii Dunecani", by undated charter. She married secondly (before 1156) Alexander FitzGerold . Dugdale summarises donations to Southwark priory, including the donation of "cheese at Badleking in the manor of Kingston Lisle in Berkshire" made by "Alexander Fitzgerald" and confirmed by "Alice de Rumeley, wife of Alexander".

Mistress (1): ---. The name of William's mistress is not known.

William FitzDuncan & his [first wife or mistress] had two [maybe illegitimate] children: Gospatrick and Donald.

William FitzDuncan & his second wife had four children: William, Cicely, Amabel and Alice.

William married.

William next married Alice de Rumilly, daughter of William FitzRanulph Meschin du Bessin and Cecily de Rumilly, in 1138.1


1 George Edward Cokayne, "Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom" (Sutton Publishing Ltd., 2000), I, p. 353, fn (d).

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