Máel Coluim mac Cináeda King Malcolm II of Scotland
(Abt 0954-1034)


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Máel Coluim mac Cináeda King Malcolm II of Scotland

  • Born: Abt 954
  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Died: 25 Nov 1034, Glamis Castle, Glamis, Forfar, Angus, Scotland, DD8, GB aged about 80
  • BuriedMale: Iona Abbey, Iona, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, GB

  General Notes:

MALCOLM ([954]-Glamis Castle, Angus 25 Nov 1034, bur Isle of Iona). The 11th century Synchronisms of Flann Mainistreach name (in order) "…Cuillen mac Illiulb, Cinaet mac Maelcolaim, Custantin mac Cuilen, Cinaet mac Duib, Maelcolaim mac Cinaeta" as Scottish kings, dated to the 10th and 11th centuries. The 12th century Cronica Regum Scottorum lists "…Malcolin filius Kinet xxx…" as king. It is tempting to suggest that either he, or his first cousin with the same name, spent time at the court of Edgar King of England during his youth, as "Malcolm dux" subscribed a charter of King Edgar relating to land in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk dated 970, but there is no proof of the co-identity of these persons. He succeeded in 1005 as MALCOLM II King of Scotland. The Chronicle of John of Fordun records that Grime was killed by Malcolm, son of King Kenneth II, who succeeded as king. He attacked northern England in 1006. King of Lothian from [1016], becoming effective ruler of the whole of Scotland. The Historia Regum of Simeon of Durham records a battle between "Huctredum filium Waldef comitem Northymbrorum" and "Malcolmum filium Cyneth regem Scottorum" at "Carrum" in 1018. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that Malcolm submitted to Canute King of England in 1031, along with "two other kings, Mælbeth and Iehmarc". The Chronicle of John of Fordun defended Cumbria against King Canute, who agreed that it should be ruled by Malcolm´s grandson Duncan. The Annals of Ulster record the death in 1034 of "Mael Coluim son of Cinaed, king of Scotland". The Annals of Tigernach record the death in 1034 of "Mael-Coluímb son of Cinaed king of Scotland". The Chronicle of the Scots and Picts dated 1177 records that "Malcolm mac Kynnat Rex" reigned for 30 years, died "in Glammes" and was buried "in Yona". The Chronicle of the Picts and Scots dated 1251 includes the same information.

m ---. The name of Malcolm's wife is not known.

King Malcolm III & his wife had [four] children: Bethoc, [Donada], a son and a daughter.

Máel married.

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