Æthelred II of England King of England
(Abt 0966-1016)
Eadgyth of England
(-After 1021)


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Eadgyth of England

  • Died: After 11 Nov 1021

  General Notes:

EADGYTH (-after 11 Nov 1021). Florence of Worcester´s genealogies name "Ælfgiva, comitis Ægelberhti filia" as mother of King Æthelred´s three sons "Eadmundum, Eadwium et Æthelstanum" and his daughter "Eadgitham". Roger of Hoveden names her as the daughter of King Æthelred when recording her first marriage. There appears to be no primary source proof corroborating her supposed second marriage. Florence of Worcester records that King Canute expelled "Turkillum…comitem cum uxore sua Edgitha" from England 11 Nov, dated to 1021. Presumably Thorkill married her after joining forces with Æthelred II King of England. Freeman says that "I suspect that it was Eadric´s widow whom Thurkill married. At the same time I cannot lay my hand on any authority for Thurkill´s wife being a daughter of Æthelred; but it is very likely and such a connection would account for Cnut´s jealousy of him". However, this would place the marriage to after 25 Dec 1017, when Eadric "Streona" was murdered, during the reign of King Canute who would most likely have arranged or approved the marriage, suggesting that it is illogical to suggest that the marriage would have been the basis for "Cnut´s jealousy".

m [firstly] (1009) EADRIC "Streona/the Acquisitor", son of --- (-murdered 25 Dec 1017). One of the main advisers of King Æthelred II from [1006], he acquired a position of considerable power but gained a reputation for treachery. He was made Ealdorman of Mercia in 1007. He changed sides several times during 1014/1016, wavering between Edmund "Ironside" or Canute depending on who had the upper hand at the time, but finally abandoned Edmund's cause at the battle of Ashingdon. Canute appointed Eadric as Ealdorman of Mercia in 1017, but had him murdered in 1017.

[m secondly (1018 or after) THORKELL "Havi/the Tall", son of [STRUTHARALD King in Skane] (-killed in battle 1039).]

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