Æthelred II of England King of England
(Abt 0966-1016)
Eadwig of England


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Eadwig of England

  • Died: 1017
  • BuriedMale: Tavistock Abbey, Tavistock, Devon, PL19, GB

   Cause of his death was Murdered.

  General Notes:

EADWIG (-murdered 1017, bur Tavistock Abbey, Devon). Florence of Worcester´s genealogies name "Ælfgiva, comitis Ægelberhti filia" as mother of King Æthelred´s three sons "Eadmundum, Eadwium et Æthelstanum" and his daughter "Eadgitham". "Eadwius/Eadwig filius regis/clito" subscribed charters of King Æthelred II dated between 1000 and 1014. He is named after his brother Eadred in the lists of subscribers, indicating that Eadwig was the fifth son. Eadwig countersigned his father's charter dated 1002 which grants land at Codicote, Hertfordshire to Ælthelm, signing fifth among his brothers, and "Eadwig clito" his father's 1006 charter which made grants to St Alban's, signing sixth. Ætheling Æthelstan, under his will dated , made bequests to "…my brother Eadmund, my brother Eadwig…". He was banished "by the counsel of the perfidious ealdorman Eadric" and murdered on the orders of King Canute. Simeon of Durham records that King Canute outlawed "the Atheling Edwy the brother of king Eadmund who was called King of the Churls" in 1017.

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