Æthelred II of England King of England
(Abt 0966-1016)
Eadred of England
(-Abt 1012)


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Eadred of England

  • Died: Abt 1012

  General Notes:

EADRED (-[1012]). "Eadred regis filius/clito" subscribed charters of King Æthelred II dated between 993 and [1012/13], a charter dated 1011 specifying "Eadred tercia proles regia". Eadred was named after "Eadmund" in all lists in which the two appear, consistent with his being his father's fourth son. If this is correct, it is assumed that Eadred was the son of King Æthelred´s "wife" Ælflæd, although he is not specifically named by Florence of Worcester as one of her children. "Eadric clito" subscribed a charter of King Æthelred II dated 1005. As this charter is not one subscribed by "Eadred", it is reasonable to assume that this is a copyist's error rather than that King Æthelred had another son of this name. "Eadred clito" countersigned his father's 1006 charter making grants to St Alban's, signing fifth among the brothers.

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