Richard [I] de Normandie Comte de Normandie
(Abt 0932-0996)
(Abt 0950-1031)
Emma de Normandie
(Abt 0985-1052)


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1. Æthelred II of England King of England

2. Knud Svendsen King of England

Emma de Normandie

  • Born: Abt 985
  • Marriage (1): Æthelred II of England King of England in 1002
  • Marriage (2): Knud Svendsen King of England 2 or 31 Jul 1017
  • Died: 14 Mar 1052, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22, GB aged about 67
  • BuriedFem: Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9LS, GB

  General Notes:

EMMA ([985]-Winchester 14 Mar 1052, bur Winchester Cathedral). Guillaume de Poitou names "genitrix Emma filia Ricardi primi, genitor Ædelredus rex Anglorum" as parents of "Edwardus ac Alveradus". Guillaume of Jumièges names "Emma...secunda Hadvis...tertia Mathildis"as the three daughters of Richard and his wife "Gunnor ex nobilissima Danorum prosapia ortam", adding that Emma married "Edelredo regi Anglorum" by whom she was mother of "rex Edwardum et Alvredum". The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Emma Anglorum regina" as sister of "dux Normannie Richardus II". Emma was described by Henry of Huntingdon as "Emma Normanorum gemma", although it is not known whether this was a particular indication of her beauty or mere hyperbole. She was known as ÆLFGIFUin England. Her first husband sent her to her brother's court in Normandy in 1013 after the invasion of Svend King of Denmark. She was living in Normandy in 1017 when King Æthelred's successor King Canute proposed marriage to her. Guillaume of Jumièges records that, after the death of "Edelredus rex", "Emmam reginam" married "rex...Chunutus...Christiano more",and names their children "Hardechunutum postmodum regem Danorum et filiam...Gunnildem quæ nupsit Henrico Romanorum Imperatori". Roger of Wendover records the marriage in Jul 1018 of "Cnuto" and "ducem Ricardum…Emmam sororem suam et regis Ethelredi relictam". After the death of her second husband, she continued to live at Winchester. After the election of her step-son as regent in early 1036, it was recognised that she would continue to live there to look after the interests of her son Harthacnut who had nominally succeeded his father as King of England and Denmark but was still absent in Denmark. It is likely that she encouraged her sons by her first husband, Edward and Alfred, to join her, Alfred being captured and murdered during the visit. After Harold was recognised as king of England in 1037, Queen Emma was expelled and took refuge at Bruges. She commissioned the Encomium Emmæ Reginæ from a Flemish convent at Saint-Omer, maybe St Bertin's, designed to promote her son Harthacnut's claim to the English throne. Harthacnut joined her in Bruges in early 1040, and after the death of King Harold, they returned together to England. After the accession of Edward "the Confessor", her son by her first husband, Emma appears to have supported the rival claim of Magnus King of Norway. Whatever the truth of this, King Edward did confiscate her property in 1043 according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. She seems to have spent the last years of her life in retirement in Winchester. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the death of "Ælfgifu Emma, the mother of king Edward and of king Harthacnut" in 1052.

m firstly (betrothed 1000, 1002) as his [second/third] wife, Æthelred II King of England, son of EDGAR "the Peacable" King of England & his second wife Ælfthryth ([966]-London 23 Apr 1016, bur Old St Paul's Cathedral).

m secondly (2 or 31 Jul 1017) CANUTE King of England, son of SVEND I "Tveskæg/Forkbeard" King of Denmark & his first wife Šwi [Gunhild] of Poland ([995]-Shaftesbury, Dorset 12 Nov 1035, bur Winchester Cathedral). King of Denmark 1018, King of Norway 1028.

Emma married Æthelred II of England King of England in 1002. (Æthelred II of England King of England was born about 966, died on 23 Apr 1016 in London, GB and was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Paul's Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AD, GB.)

Emma next married Knud Svendsen King of England 2 or 31 Jul 1017. (Knud Svendsen King of England was born about 995, died on 12 Nov 1035 in Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7, GB and was buried in Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9LS, GB.)

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