Savary III de Thouars Vicomte de Thouars
Geoffroy II de Thouars Vicomte de Thouars
Aimery IV de Thouars Vicomte de Thouars


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1. Aremgarde de Mauléon

2. Marie
3. Ameline

Aimery IV de Thouars Vicomte de Thouars

  • Marriage (1): Aremgarde de Mauléon
  • Marriage (2): Marie
  • Marriage (3): Ameline
  • Died: 1093
  • BuriedMale: Église Saint-Nicolas de La Chaize, La Chaize-le-Vicomte, Vendée, Pays de la Loire, 85310, FR

   Cause of his death was Murdered.

  General Notes:

AIMERY [IV] de Thouars, son of GEOFFROY [II] Vicomte de Thouars & his wife Eléonore --- (-murdered 1093, bur Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Chaise). "Gauzfredi vicecomitis, Adinauris uxoris eius, Haimerici filii vicecomitis, Savarici filii vicecomitis, Gauzfredi filii vicecomitis, Radulfi filii vicecomitis..."subscribed the undated charter under which "Berengerium...cognomento Baoverium et de Branno Herbertum" donated property to Marmoutier "in Oia insula". Vicomte de Thouars. "…Aymerici vicecomitis de Tuarz…"subscribed the charter dated [1047] under which "Guilelmus…princeps Arvernorum" donated property to the abbey of Charroux. "Vicecomes Aimericus filius Gaufredi et nepos Radulfi vicecomitis" donated property "Flauziacus" to St Cyprien by charter dated [1055/73] subscribed by "uxor sua Aremgardis". The Chronique de Normandie, based on le Roman de Rou, names "le Viconte de Thouars" and "Almaury de Thouars" among those who took part in the conquest of England in 1066. The Chronicon sancti Florentii Salmurensis records the death in 1093 of "Aimericus vicecomes Toarcensis" and his donation of "Casam".

m firstly ORENGARDE de Mauléon, daughter of --- (-after 1069). A charter dated 1069 relates to the foundation of Chaise-le-Vicomte by "Aimericus Toarcensium vicecomes" and names "uxor ipius vicecomitis Orengardis". Her family origin is confirmed by the undated charter under which [her son] "Herbertus...Toarcensis frater meus Gaufridus" confirmed donations by "patris mei Aimerici vicecomitis" to Chaise-le-Vicomte by charter 7 Dec 1099, which records donations made by "Radulphus de Malo Leone avunculus prefati Herberti vicecomitis".

m secondly MARIE, daughter of ---. 1080. An undated charter of "Aimericus vicecomes Toarcii" refers to "hoc donum quod uxor mee Maria fecit libenter dedit" referring to a donation to the abbey of l'Absie.

m thirdly AMELINE, daughter of ---. 1088/93. An undated charter recalls the foundation of Chaise-le-Vicomte by "Aimericus vicecomes" and names "uxoris eius Amelinæ", subscribed by "Gofredus vicecomes".

Aimery [IV] & his first wife had seven children: Aimery, Raoul, Arbert, Geoffroy, Geoffroy, Hildegarde and Eleonore.

Aimery married Aremgarde de Mauléon.

Aimery next married Marie.

Aimery next married Ameline.

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