Boson I de Châtellerault
(-Bef 1012)
Hugues I de Châtellerault Vicomte de Châtellerault
Boson II de Châtellerault Vicomte de Châtellerault


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1. Éléonore de Thouars

Boson II de Châtellerault Vicomte de Châtellerault

  • Marriage (1): Éléonore de Thouars about 1075
  • Died: 1095 or after

  General Notes:

BOSON [II] de Châtellerault, son of HUGUES [I] Vicomte de Châtellerault & his wife Gerberge --- (-[1095] or after). "Hugo vicecomes de Castello Airaudi…et uxor sua Girberga" renounced rights in favour of Saint-Hilaire de Poitiers by charter dated to [1055], which refers to "filios enim quos habebant non permittebat Deus diu vivere" and "Bosone…eorum filio". Vicomte de Châtellerault. "Boso vicecomes de Castello Ayraudi" confirmed the renunciation of rights by "pater meus Hugo vicecomes et mater mea Erberga" in favour of Saint-Hilaire de Poitiers, by charter dated to [1076]. "…Boso vicecomes de Castello Ayraudi…" affirmed the actions of "Amatus [archiepiscopi Burdagelensisi Legatique apostolici]" in the charter dated [1090].

m ([1075] ELEONORE de Thouars, daughter of AIMERY [IV] Vicomte de Thouars & his first wife Aremgarde de Mauléon. "Bossonis vicecomitis, Aimerici filius eius, Adenordis vicecomitissæ" witnessed a charter dated [1082] under which "Erchembaldus Grenulla" donated property to Saint-Jean d'Angély. The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified. "Boso vicecomes et uxor eius Adenors et filii eorum" donated property to St Cyprien by charter dated 1088 subscribed by "Bosonis vicecomitis et Aenoris uxoris eius et filiorum ipsorum Aimerici et Bosonis et sororis eorum Gisberge". "Willelmus Goscelinus monachus Sancti Cipriani" donated property to St Cyprien by charter dated [1088] subscribed by "Boso vicecomes, Ainors uxor, filii ipsorum Aimericus, Boso et Petrus". "Castri Araldus vicecomes…Boso…cum uxore Adenorde et filio Aimerico" donated property "allodium…in Brigisensi pago apud villam Culturas" to the abbey of Saint-Florent near Saumur by undated charter subscribed by "filii eius minoris Bosonis".

Boson [II] & his wife had five children: Aimery, Boson, Pierre, Acfred and Gisberge.

Boson married Éléonore de Thouars, daughter of Aimery IV de Thouars Vicomte de Thouars and Aremgarde de Mauléon, about 1075.

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