Arnaud d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême
(-Abt 0989/0991)
Guillaume IV d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême
(Abt 0978-1028)


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1. Gerberge d'Anjou

Guillaume IV d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême

  • Born: Abt 978
  • Marriage (1): Gerberge d'Anjou before 1000
  • Died: 6 Apr 1028 aged about 50
  • BuriedMale: Abbaye de Saint-Cybard, Angoulême, Poitou-Charentes, 16000, FR

   Cause of his death was Poisoned by his daughter-in-law Alaisia (m. Hilduin).

  General Notes:

GUILLAUME [IV] d'Angoulême([978]-6 Apr 1028, bur Angoulême Saint-Cybard). The Chronicle of Adémar de Chabannes records that "Willelmum filium suum" succeeded "Arnaldus" in Angoulême. He succeeded on the abdication of his father in 988 as Comte d'Angoulême. "Willelmus comes" restored the monastery of Saint-Amant-de-Boixe to the cathedral of Angoulême by charter dated 988 after 4 Mar, naming "genitoris mei Arnaldi et Bellus Homo clericus avunculus meus". "Guilelmus Aquitaniencum dux" founded a hospital near Saint-Hilaire de Poitiers by charter dated Jan 989, subscribed by "Emma comitissa, Guillelmi filium eius, Guilelmi comitis Engolismæ…". "Willelmus Engolismensium comes" founded the priory of Vindelle with the consent of "coniuge mea Girberge atque filiis…meis vivis Helduini seu Gauzfredi" for the souls of "progenitoris mei seu genetrice mea Hernaldi atque Raingardi" by undated charter which also names "[filii sui] defuncti Harnaldi atque Willelmi". "…Willelmi Engolisme comitis, Alduini eius filius…" subscribed the charter dated 3 Aug 1016 under which "Guilelmus…dux Aquitaniensium" granted rights to Saint-Hilaire de Poitier. "Willelmo comite et uxore sua Girberga, Hilduinus filius comiti" subscribed a charter under which "Arnaldus et uxor mea Rixendis et filius meus Helias" donated property to the cathedral of Angoulême dated 20 May 1020. A charter of the church of Angoulême dated to [1028/30] refers to a donation by "Willelmi…comes pater Aldoini comitis". The Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensis records that "comes Willelmus eius avus" disinherited "filios et filias" [of Hilduin] because "uxor eiusdem Audoini" had poisoned him (presumably unscuccessfully). The Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensis records that "Willelmus comes" distributed his honours between "filios suos et conjugem suam" and devoted himself to religion before dying, adding that he was buried "dominica sancta basilicam Sancti Eparchii"and that his death "quo venit de Ierusalem...VI Id Apr vigilia Osanna"1028 was recorded in his epitaph. The Chronicle of Adémar de Chabannes records the death "VIII Id Apr 1028" of "Willelmus comes" and his burial "ad basilicam beati Eparchii".

m (before 1000) GERBERGE d'Anjou, daughter of GEOFFROY I "Grisegonelle" Comte d'Anjou & his first wife Adela de Meaux [Vermandois] (974 or before-after 1 Apr 1041). The Chronicle of Adémar de Chabannes records the marriage of "comes…Engolismæ Willelmus" and "Girberga sorore comitis Fulconis". The Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensis names "Giberta sorore comitis Guillermi Andegavensis" as wife of "Guillermus Comes Engolismensis". "Gaufredus et uxor mea Petronilla" donated property "ecclesiam Sancti Pauli…in Sanctonensi territorio subter castrum…Botavilla" to Savigny on the advice of "Vuillelmi comitis Engolismensis et uxoris eius dominæ Girbergiæ patris…mei et matris et domini Elduini fratris mei" by charter dated before 1028.

Comte Guillaume [IV] & his wife had six children: Arnaud, Guillaume, Hilduin, Geoffroy, Foulques and Odon.

Guillaume married Gerberge d'Anjou, daughter of Geoffroy d'Anjou Comte d'Anjou and Adela de Meaux, before 1000. (Gerberge d'Anjou was born before 974 and died after 1 Apr 1040.)

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