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Guillaume IV d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême
(Abt 0978-1028)
Gerberge d'Anjou
(Bef 0974-After 1040)
Mainard d'Archiac Seigneur d'Archiac
Geoffroy d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême
Pétronille d'Archiac Dame d'Archiac et de Bouteville
(-Bef 1029)
Foulques Taillefer d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême


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1. Condoha d'Eu

Foulques Taillefer d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême

  • Marriage (1): Condoha d'Eu
  • Died: 1087

  General Notes:

FOULQUES TALAFER d'Angoulême (-1087). The Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensium names "Fulconem, Gaufredum Rudelli, Arnaldum de Montosario, Willermum et Ademarum postea Engolismenses Episcopos" as children of "Gaufredus seu Josfredus" and his first wife, stating that Foulques inherited the county as well as his mother's lands. "Falconis et Vuillelmi filiorum eorum" subscribed the charter dated before 1028 under which "Gaufredus et uxor mea Petronilla" donated property to Savigny. "Gaufredus Engolismensis comes…Fulco filius meus et Guillelmus nepos meus" donated property to Saint-Amant-de-Boixe by charter dated 19 Jul 1040. "...Gaufridi comitis Engolismensis, Fulconis, Gaufridi, Arnaudi, Mainardi filiorum eius..." subscribed the charter dated 1047 which records the foundation of Notre-Dame de Saintes. He succeeded his father in 1048 as Comte d'Angoulême. "Ademarus de oppido…Roca Fulcadi et germanus meus Vuido filii eius Vuido et Arnaldus" founded the priory of Saint Florent near his castle by charter dated 1040 (redated to 1060?), subscribed by "Widonis ducis Aquitaniæ, Willelmi episcopi Angolismensis, suorum fratrum Fulconis comitis et Gaufredi Rudelli…". The Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensium records the death of Foulques in 1087. There is some doubt about this date as, under a charter dated 1089, "Iordanus cum filio meo eodem nomine dicto" noted that "Engolismorum consule avunculo meo Fulcone" agreed to reconstruct "Barbastam". However, the editor of the Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensis consulted states that this 1089 is defective as reproduced by Besly as it names a bishop Foulques who lived nearly 140 years earlier and the indiction year does not correspond with the calendar year.

m CONDOHA d'Eu, daughter of [ROBERT] Comte d'Eu [Normandie] & his first wife Beatrix (-after 1087). "Fulco Engolismensium comes" donated property to Saint-Amant-de-Boixe with the consent of "Condoha comitissa uxore mea, filiisque meis Guillelmo…ac Gaufrido atque Fulcone" by charter dated to [1076/87]. The Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensis names "filia de --- Ounormani Vagena, quæ vocabatur Condo" as wife of "Fulconi…Engolismensi Comiti" and mother of Comte Guillaume [V]. "Ounormani" is interpreted as meaning "Eu des Normands". Assuming that this is correct, it appears chronologically consistent for Condoha's father to be identified as Robert Comte d'Eu, but this is not beyond doubt. The interpretation of "Vagena" as applied to Condoha's father has not yet been found.

Comte Foulques & his wife had three children: Guillaume, Geoffroy and Foulques.

Foulques married Condoha d'Eu, daughter of Robert d'Eu Comte d'Eu and Béatrice. (Condoha d'Eu died after 1087.)

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