Leofwine of Mercia Ealdorman of Mercia


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Leofwine of Mercia Ealdorman of Mercia

  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Died: 1023

  General Notes:

LEOFWINE, son of [LEOFRIC & his wife ---] (-1023). [The Genealogia Fundatoris of Coventry Monastery records that "Leofwinus" was the son of "Leofricus secundus" and lived "tempore Ethelstani, Edmundi, Edredi, et Edgari regum Angliæ" (924-975). "Leofwine propinquus regis" subscribed a charter of King Eadwig dated 955. The precise family connection with the king is not known. If this is the same Leofwine who was an ealdorman under Kings Edward and Æthelred II, he may have been sent as a child to the court of King Eadwig. If this was the case, it would explain the time lapse before his next appearance in charters. It is also possible that Leofwine was related to the brothers Ælfhere and Ælfheah, which would explain the transmission of the ealdormanship of Mercia between the two families.] "Leofwine dux" subscribed charters of King Edward in 976 and 977, and of King Æthelred II dated between 994 and 1015, the charter dated 997 specifying that he was "Leofwine Wicciarium-Provinciarum dux". Ealdorman of the Hwicce in Mercia. King Æthelred II granted "Leofwine dux" land in Warwickshire under a charter dated 998. It is possible that Leofwine was appointed Ealdorman of Mercia after the death of Eadric "Streona" in 1017, but this is not confirmed by any primary source.

m ---. The name of Leofwine's wife is not known.

Leofwine & his wife had four children: Wulfric, Northman, Leofric and Eadwin.

Leofwine married.

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