Thietmar II Markgraf der Nordmark
(Abt 0925/0930-After 0979)


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1. Suanhilde Billung

Thietmar II Markgraf der Nordmark

  • Born: Abt 925-930
  • Marriage (1): Suanhilde Billung
  • Died: After 3 Aug 979

  General Notes:

THIETMAR [III] ([925/30]-3 Aug after 979, bur Kloster Nienburg an der Saale). The Annalista Saxo records "Thietmarum marchionem et Geronem Coloniensem archiepiscopum" as sons of "Soror eorum [Gero marchiorum et Sigefridus] Hidda nominee", and their joint construction of an abbey "in predio suo [Hidda] iuxta Salam fluvium". His birth date range is estimated from his first mention as count in 951. Graf im Gau Serimunt 951: "Otto…rex" confirmed the donation by his son Liudolf of property "in pago Serimunt in comitatu Thetmari comitis" on the intervention of "marchionis Geronis" to the church of Magdeburg by charter dated 28 Jul 951. Graf im Schwabengau 951/978. "Otto…imperator augustus" granted property "in pago Derlingon in comitatu Thiatmari comitis" to Magdeburg St Moritz by undated charter, placed in the compilation with other charters dated mid-965. "Otto…imperator augustus" gave property "in villa Drogobuli quæ Salam et Fonam fluvios interiacet in comitatu eiusdem comitis Thietmari" to "comiti nostro Thietmaro" by charter dated 29 Nov 965. "Otto…imperator augustus" donated property "in pago Hardegouue et in comitatu Thiatmari" to Magdeburg St Moritz by charter dated 23 Sep 967. Graf der Mark Merseburg und der Mark Meissen [Ostmark] 976. Markgraf. The death and place of burial of "Thietmarus marchio frater Geronis Coloniensis archiepiscopi" is recorded in the Annalista Saxo. The necrology of Lüneburg records the death "3 Aug" of "Thietmarus marchio".

m as her first husband, SCHWANEHILDE [Suanhild], daughter of HERMANN Billung Duke in Saxony & his [first/second] wife --- ([945/50]-26 Nov 1014, bur Kloster Jena, transferred 1028 to Naumburg Georgskirche). The Annalista Saxo records "filiam Herimanni ducis nominee Suanehildam" as wife of "Thietmarus marchio frater Geronis Coloniensis archiepiscopi", and in another passage that "domna Suanehildis" was daughter of "Herimanni ducis de Liuniburh", naming her five brothers and two husbands. Her birth date range is estimated on the basis of her sister being born in [942] and Schwanehilde herself giving birth to seven children by her second husband. She married secondly Ekkehard I Markgraf von Meissen. Thietmar records the marriage of Ekkehard and "Swanhild widow of Count Thietmar and Duke Bernhard's sister". Thietmar records the death of Suanhild 26 Nov 1014.

Markgraf Thietmar [III] & his wife had one child: Gero.

Thietmar married Suanhilde Billung. (Suanhilde Billung was born about 945-950, died on 26 Nov 1014 and was buried in Naumburg (Saale), Sachsen-Anhalt, 06618, DE.)

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