Adalbert von Babenberg Markgraf von Österreich
(Abt 0990/0994-1055)


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1. Unknown

2. Froizza Orseolo

Adalbert von Babenberg Markgraf von Österreich

  • Born: Abt 990-994
  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Marriage (2): Froizza Orseolo before 1041
  • Died: 26 May 1055 aged about 65
  • BuriedMale: Stift Melk, Abt-Berthold-Dietmayr-Straße 1, Melk, 3390, AT

   Another name for Adalbert was Adalbert der Siegreiche von Babenberg.

  General Notes:

ADALBERT ([990/994]-26 May 1055, bur Stift Melk). A list of names in the Verbrüderungsbuch of Reichenau abbey reads "Luitpold marches, Rihuuar, Iudita, Heinrich, Ernust, Poppo, Luitpold, Cunigurrt, Adalbr", which appears to refer to Markgraf Liutpold, his wife and children. The primary sources are contradictory regarding the parentage of Markgraf Adalbert. The Auctarium Vindobonense names "Adalbertus tertius marchio Austria", but does not specify his relationship with his predecessor. The Altahense Annales record the sudden death in 1018 of "Heinricus marchio Austria" and specify that he was succeeded by "Adalbertus filius eius". However, the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines name "Ernesto duci Suevorum, fratri Alberti superioris Pannonis marchionis et archiepiscopi Treverensis Popponis". As shown above, Thietmar records both Ernst Duke of Swabia and Poppo Archbishop of Trier as sons of Markgraf Liutpold. The necrology of Kloster Neuburg records the death "VII Kal Jun" of "Adalbertus marchio filius Heinrici marchionis", apparently confirming the parentage set out in the Atahense Annales. On the other hand, the necrology of Melk records the death "XVI Kal Mar" of "Poppo archieps Treverensis fr Heinrici marchionis". On balance, more primary sources indicate that Adalbert was the son of Markgraf Liutpold rather than of Markgraf Heinrich. His estimated birth date range is based on the birth date range estimated for his older son, with the death of Markgraf Liutpold in 994 representing the later limit of this range on the assumption that Adalbert was his son. Just to confuse the question of Adalbert's parentage even further, it should be noted that this range would not be inconsistent with Adalbert having been the son of Markgraf Heinrich. Graf im Schweinach 1010. Graf im Künzig 1011. He succeeded his brother in 1018 as ADALBERT "der Siegreiche" Markgraf der Ostmark [of Austria]. The necrology of Salzburg St Rudpert records the death "VII Kal Jun" of "Adalpreht marchio". The necrology of Melk records the death "VII Kal Jun" of "Adalbertus marchio"[69].

m firstly (before [1020/25]) --- (-before 1041). Markgraf Adalbert's first marriage is deduced from the estimated birth date range of his older son Liutpold. The identity of this first wife of Markgraf Adalbert is unknown. She has been identified as Glismod ---, daughter of Immed Graf in Utrecht & his wife Adela [von Hamaland]. This is presumably based on the Annales Stadenses which name "Lippoldo filio domine Glismodis" as husband of "Ida [de Elsthorpe]". "Lippoldo" has been assumed to be Liutpold Margraf der Ungarischen Mark, son of Markgraf Adalbert, but this appears to be impossible if Ida von Elstorf had four children by her first husband. The only definite information concerning Glismod's husband is found in the Vita Meinwerci which names "Thiedericum, Meinwercum, Glismod et Azelam" as children of Immed and Athela and specifies that Glismod married "nobilis principis in Baioaria". Another possibility is that her name was Adelheid. The necrology of Melk records the death "VII Kal Feb" of "Adalheida marchionissa ux Adalberti marchionis Austrie". At first sight, "Adalberti" has assumed to be an error for "Ernesti" as the latter's wife is the only known "marchionissa" of that name. However, the entry may alternatively refer to the otherwise unknown first wife of Markgraf Adalbert. The necrology of Kloster Neuburg also records the death "VII Kal Feb" of "Adelheidis marchionissa" but does not name her husband.

m secondly (shortly before 1041) FROIZZA [Frowila] Orseolo, daughter of PIETRO OTTONE Orseolo Doge of Venice & his wife [Grimelda or Maria] of Hungary ([1015]-17 Feb 1071, bur Melk). Herimannus refers to "sororis suæ [=Peterum regem]" as wife of "marchionem nostrum Adalbertum" when recording her marriage in 1041. She is named in three imperial charters, although these are not consistent about the spelling of her name. "Heinricus…Romanorum imperator augustus" granted property "in circuitu duorum fluminum…Zaiouua" to "marchioni Adalberto et coniugi suæ (Froiza)" by charter dated 21 Apr 1048. "Heinricus…Romanorum imperator augustus" granted property to "Adelberti marchionis [et] uxorique sue Froize" dated 12 Nov 1051". "Heinricus…rex" granted property "in locis Ortvvinesdorf et Pirchehe…in marcha Osterriche et in comitatu Ernestes marchionis" to "Frovvilæ Adeberti marchionis viduæ" by charter dated 1 Oct 1058. The necrology of Melk records the death "XIII Kal Mar" of "Frouza marchionissa". The necrology of Kloster Neuburg records the death "XIII Kal Mar" of "Fruoza marchionissa".

Markgraf Adalbert & his first wife had two children: Liutpold and Ernst.

Adalbert married.

Adalbert next married Froizza Orseolo before 1041. (Froizza Orseolo was born about 1015, died on 17 Feb 1071 and was buried in Stift Melk, Abt-Berthold-Dietmayr-Straße 1, Melk, 3390, AT.)

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