Friedrich von Dießen Graf von Dießen
(-After 1029)
Berthold I von Dießen Graf von Dießen
(-After 1060)
Otto von Dießen Graf von Wolfratshausen


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1. Justizia von Babenberg

Otto von Dießen Graf von Wolfratshausen

  • Marriage (1): Justizia von Babenberg

  General Notes:

OTTO von Diessen, son of [BERTHOLD [II] Graf von Diessen & his wife ---] (-24 Apr ----, bur [Diessen] St Stefan). Wegener quotes a reference to Otto son of Graf Perhtold dated 16 May 1060. Graf von Thanning [1073]. Graf von Ambras 1078/1093. Graf von Wolfratshausen 1098/1116. Graf von Diessen 1100/1107. The De Fundatoribus Monasterii Diessenses records the death "VIII Kal Mai" of "Otto comes de Wolfraczhausen maior domus", specifying that he was buried "in…Sancti Stephani…iuxta fratrem suum". The necrology of Diessen also records the death "Mar VIII Kal" of "Otto com senior et maior domus, sepultus ecclesia S Stephani, pater Ottonis fundatoris nostri".

m JUSTIZIA, daughter of --- (-30 Jan ----, bur Thanning). The De Fundatoribus Monasterii Diessenses names "Iusticia cometissa" as wife of "Otto comes senior de Wolfratshausen" and in a later passage records her death "18 Kal Feb" and burial at "Danningen". The necrology of Diessen records the death "Feb III Kal" of "Justicia com, sepulta Daniggen, mater Hainrici Ratisponensis ep et Ottonis comitis fundatoris nostri". Europäische Stammtafeln suggests that Justizia was JUSTIZIA von Babenberg, daughter of ERNST Markgraf of Austria [Babenberg] & his first wife Adelheid von Wettin, presumably to explain the transmission of the name Luitpold into the family. According to Wegener, she was the daughter of Luitpold, older brother of Markgraf Ernst, proceeding on the assumption of the need for her father to be named Luitpold as a basis for the name transmission. It is not certain that such an assumption is correct, and in any case the evidence for this Luitpold having been married is slim. Wegener suggests that Graf Otto [II] married secondly Adelheid, whom he supposes was the daughter of Heinrich [I] Burggraf von Regensburg, and that she was the mother of his children Otto, Heinrich, Adelheid and Elisabeth. He apparently bases this theory solely on the need to justify the transmission of the name Heinrich into the family, although this name is certainly not unique to the Burggrafen von Regensburg.

Graf Otto & his wife had five children: Otto, Heinrich, Luitpold, Adelheid and Elisabeth.

Otto married Justizia von Babenberg, daughter of Ernst von Babenberg Markgraf von Österreich and Adelheid von Wettin.

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