Uhtred Earl of Northumbria
Ealdred Earl of Northumbria


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ÆLDGYTH . Simeon of Durham names "Algitha daughter of earl Aldred" as wife of "Ligulf", when recording the latter's murder. Roger of Hoveden names her and her father, as well as her husband and two sons. Simeon of Durham's Account of the Siege of Durham records that "Earl Aldred was the father of five daughters, three of whom bore the same name Ælfleda, the fourth…Aldgitha and the fifth Etheldritha".

m LIULF, son of --- (-murdered 1080). Simeon of Durham records that "Ligulf a noble and good thane" was murdered. Resident of Durham, he was friends with Walcher and was murdered by Gilbert sheriff of Northumberland.

Liulf & his wife had two children. 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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