Artaud II de Forez
(-Between 0993/1000)
(-After 1013)
Géraud de Forez
(-After 1046)
Prève de Forez


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Prève de Forez

  General Notes:

[PREVE . La Mure´s Histoire des Comtes de Forez names "Sainte Prève" as the daughter of "Gérard…comte de Lyon et de Forez…et…Adalaix", citing "la tradition locale…de Pomiers" and adding that she founded the priory of Pomiers en Forez and was murdered by her brothers after refusing to marry a local lord. He cites no primary source on which he bases his statements, and until confirmation emerges it is preferable to show Prève in square brackets to indicate doubt about her affiliation.] 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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