Artaud II de Forez
(-Between 0993/1000)
(-After 1013)
Géraud de Forez
(-After 1046)
de Forez
(Between 1020/1025-)


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de Forez

  • Born: Between 1020 and 1025 1

  General Notes:

[son ([1020/25]-). Radulfus Glaber records that "Geraldus comes" attempted to impose "suum filium puerulum" (unnamed) as archbishop of Lyon after the death of archbishop Burchard in 1033. It would seem that a birth date range of [1020/25] would be consistent with "puerulum". The name of this son is not known. He may have been the son who is named Geoffroy Guillaume above.] 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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