Artaud II de Forez
(-Between 0993/1000)
(-After 1013)
Géraud de Forez
(-After 1046)
Rotulphe de Forez
(Between 1015/1025-)


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Rotulphe de Forez

  • Born: Between 1015 and 1025 1

  General Notes:

[ROTULPHE ([1015/25]-). La Mure´s Histoire des Comtes de Foreznames "Rotulpha ou Rotulphe de Forez" as "la seconde des fille de [Comte Géraud]", adding that she married "Guy I Seigneur de Lavieu…vicomte". He cites "Antoine de Laval" as his source, the preceding page clarifying that this refers to "les mémoires manuscrits du docte Forésien Antoine de Laval", presumably a contemporary of La Mure´s although this is not stated. Auguste Bernard also refers to her and her marriage, citing La Mure but no other source. In the absence of any primary source, there must be some doubt about her existence and marriage, based on the following reasoning. "Geraldi…comitis…Vuigonis senioris" subscribed the undated charter, "regnante Rodulfo rege" so dated to [993/1032], under which "filii Fredelanni, Hugo et Bernardus" founded the priory of Arnas in Beaujolais. La Mure identifies the subscribers as Géraud Comte de Forez and Guigues [Vicomte] de Lavieu. If this identification is correct, the dating of the charter quoted above suggests that Rotulphe (if she existed) was probably too young to have been the wife of Vicomte Guigues. In addition, other sources name Guigues [I] Vicomte [de Lyon] in 982 and [1030], and name his wife Euphemia. It is therefore likely that "Guigues de Lavieu Vicomte" was the same person as Guigues [I] Vicomte de Lyon.

m GUIGUES de Lavieu , son of ---.] 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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