Ferry de Corbeil
(-After 1130)
(-After 1120)
Baudoin V de Beauvais
(-Bef 1120)
Eustachie de Corbeil
(-After 1140)
Ferry de Donjon
(-After 1174)


Family Links

1. Unknown

2. Unknown
  • Baudoin de Donjon
3. Moenée
  • Guy de Donjon
  • Pierre de Donjon

Ferry de Donjon

  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Marriage (2): Unknown
  • Marriage (3): Moenée
  • Died: After 1174 1

  General Notes:

FERRY [I] de Donjon (-[after 1174]). "Eustachia Frederici filia de Castellonio, uxor autem Johannis de Stampis" confirmed the donation of "partem suam de censu hospitum..apud Bunduflum" to Notre-Dame de Longpont made by "mater sua, mandatione patris sui supradicti Frederici ex via Hierusalem", with the consent of "filio suo Frederico...ex anteriori marito suo Belvaco", by charter dated to [1130], witnessed by "Galterius Tirellus, Ansellus nepos eius...". "Domnus Johannes filius Pagani de Stampis et Eustachia uxor eius ac Fredericus filius Eustachie" confirmed the donation of "decimam de Ivri" made to Notre-Dame de Longpont by "Galterius Tyrellus" on leaving for Jerusalem by charter dated to [1140], witnessed by "...Heinricus frater Balduini de Corboylo...". "Adam de Avelina eius Ade sponsa" consented to the donation to Yerres made by "Odo Briardus", in the presence of "Eustachia Frederici mater", by undated charter, witnessed by "...Fredericus de Donjonio, Terricus filius Ade de Challiaco...". ["Johannes de Corbolio filius Balduini" donated property to Yerres, with the consent of "uxoris sue Charcasone et Eustachie filie sue et Rainaldi fratris sui", by charter dated 1174, witnessed by "Fredericus avunculus Johannis". It is not certain that this document refers to Ferry [I], but the chronology of the Donjon family members suggests that this is possible.] Ferry´s identification as the wife of [Moenée], father of Guy and Pierre de Donjon is confirmed by Gallia Christiana which states that "Guillelmus de Donjeon ex comitibus Nivernensis oriundus, Mathildis comitissæ Nivernensis dominæ Donziaci avunculus (forte patruus)" had "fratrem...Baldudinum de Hiere" who donated property to "Sacro-Portui seu Barbello Cisterciensis ordinis...monasterio"when leaving for Jerusalem with the consent of "A. uxore et I & Ferrico filiis", and that he also had "duos alios...fratres...ex reg. cameræ computorum Paris. Guidonem et Petrum de Dijon (Donjeon)", but cites no primary source on which this information is based. A charter dated 1197 records the agreement between Notre-Dame de Paris and "Petrum de Donjon" concerning "terrarum de Virsi" which had been donated "anniversarium Frederici de Donjon". The Scripta de Feodis of King Philippe II record "domini Guidonis et Petri de Donjone fratrum beati Guillermi Bituricensis quondam archiepiscopi" and their holdings, referring also to property which was "de dono domini Ferrici de Dongeone".

[m firstly ---. No positive reference to this supposed first marriage has been found. However, it is suggested by the chronology of Ferry´s supposed daughter Helvise.]

[m [secondly]---. No positive reference to this supposed second marriage has been found. However, it is suggested by the chronology of Ferry´s son Baudouin. Baudouin´s birth date is estimated very approximately to [1140/55] as shown below. The birth of Ferry´s supposed daughter Helvise is dated to [1125/35]. Assuming that Helvise was born in the later part of her range, and Baudouin in the earlier part of his, it is possible that the two were born from the same marriage. On the other hand, if Helvise was born in the earlier part of her range and Baudouin in the later part of his, it is unlikely that they could have shared the same mother. Another difficulty with the supposed marriages of Ferry [I] is presented by the birth date of his son Pierre, estimated to [1145/50] as shown below. If there were no other indications, this would suggest that Pierre (and presumably also his brother Guy) was the full brother of Baudouin, born from the same mother. However, Ferry´s known wife [Moenée] married secondly after the death of her first husband (in [1182]) and had at least one more son by her second husband. The various sources quoted below indicate that that son was the brother of Baudouin, Guy and Pierre. If the three brothers were born from Ferry´s marriage to Moenée, she would have been old to have given birth to another child after [1182]; if Moenée was not the mother of any of Ferry´s children, it is difficult to understand how her son by her second marriage could have been described as the brother of Ferry´s children.

m [thirdly] as her first husband, [MOENEE], daughter of ---. She married secondly --- de Berruier. Indications of her two marriages are provided by the Scripta de Feodisof King Philippe II which record "domini Guidonis et Petri de Donjone fratrum beati Guillermi Bituricensis quondam archiepiscopi" and their holdings". This is corroborated by the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines which names "domina de Monte-Argisi fuit soror vel neptis illius [=Guilelmus…archiepiscopus Bituricensis]" as the wife of "Petro de Cortenaio regis Philippi patruo". Her name is confirmed only by Gallia Christiana which states that [her son by her second marriage Guillaume Archbishop of Bourges] "Guillelmus Archesiis vico Nivernensis pagi natus ex illustri genere" had "matrem...Maeniam"who had "frater Guillelmus archidiaconus Suessionensis...dictus...Eremita"who educated him. No primary source is cited, so the reliability of the name cannot be judged. Kerrebrouck refers to her as "Moenée d´Arthel", citing an article by Estournet, but it is unlikely that this is correct. Arthel is a small commune situated in canton Prémery, arrondissement Cosne-Cours.sur-Loire, département Nièvre. No other contemporary reference to a family "d´Arthel" has been found. Various websites refer to "Saint Guillaume d´Arthel" being born there, without providing any further details about his life. It is assumed that this refers to Guillaume Berruier Archbishop of Bourges, sometimes known as "Saint Guillaume de Bourges". If that is correct, the village may have been the home of the Berruier family, but no other indication has been found that their name was in fact "d´Arthel".

Ferry [II] & his [first] wife had one child: [Helvise].

Ferry & his [second/third] wife had one child: Baudoin.

Ferry & his [third] wife had two children: Guy and Pierre. 1

Ferry married.

Ferry next married.

Ferry next married Moenée.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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