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[daughter . As the mother of "Adam", her parentage and marriage are suggested by the charter dated to [1116/18] which records that "Robertus Bonet" became a monk at Néronville priory and donated "terram quam habebat a Sed ultra flumen Feure (aliàs Fuhure)" with the consent of "Milo de Curtiniaco et Adam nepos eius, de quorum beneficio eratFulco vicecomes [Foulques Vicomte de Château-Landon] de cujus beneficio erat…Garnerius frater Ade et uxor eius Ulgesendis cum filiis suis Herveo et Adam de quorum beneficio erat". "Adam nepos eius" can be identified as "Adam filius Stephani" who is named in other charters of Néronville dated between [1085] and [1122/42], and as Adam de Chailly who was ancestor of later vicomtes de Melun. Presumably based on these data points, Burke´s Peerage shows "Etienne de Courtenay" as the son of Joscelin [I] Seigneur de Courtenay and his first wife, and as the father of "Adam de Chailly". There are two major difficulties with this supposed parentage proposed by Burke´s. Firstly, if Etienne had been an older son of Joscelin [I], he would have inherited the seigneurie de Courtenay in place of his supposed younger brother Milon de Courtenay. Secondly, as noted above, "Adam filius Stephani" is first named in a document dated to [1085], which places his birth in [1060/65] bearing in mind that he is named in other documents until 1141. This means that he could not have been the grandson of Joscelin [I] de Courtenay. Nevertheless, the [1116/18] charter does indicate a family connection between Adam de Chailly and Milon de Courtenay. The word nepos, notoriously difficult to translate precisely, could mean a relationship more remote than "nephew". One possibility, therefore, is that the relationship was based on a family connection in the previous generation, possibly through an otherwise unrecorded sister of Joscelin [I] de Courtenay who married the father of Adam de Chailly. The presence of the names of Milon de Courtenay and "Adam nepos eius" in the [1116/18] charter could be explained if the property which was the subject of the donation had been part of the dowry of Adam´s mother, and was then held by her son Adam as vassal of the seigneurs de Courtenay of whom Milon was then the senior representative. An alternative possibility is that the relationship between Milon and Adam was through Milon´s mother´s family. In any event, it is possible that Adam de Chailly´s mother was named HERSENDE. This is suggested by the charter dated [1090] which records that "Roscelinus de Monsterollo atque Stephanus filius Heldoini et Hersendis uxor eius…Stephanus filius Goscelini et uxor eius Hersendis" consented to donations of properties to Néronville made by "miles…Dimo". This possible name of Adam de Chailly´s mother appears corroborated by Burke´s Peerage, in its highly suspect summary of the early generations of the Courtenay family, which names "Hersent de Montereau" as Adam´s mother. As with all data in Burke´s, no information is given on the primary source on which the statement is based.
m (before [1060/65]) ETIENNE , son of [HELDUIN] & his wife --- (-after [1090]).] 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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