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Walter [III] de Beauchamp
(Abt 1195/1197-1236)
Joan de Mortimer
(Abt 1190-1225)
William [IV] Mauduit Chamberlain of the Exchequer
(Abt 1196-Bef 1257)
Alice of Warwick
(Abt 1196-Between 1247/1263)
William [IV] de Beauchamp
(-Between 1268/1268)
Isabel Mauduit
(Abt 1227-Bef 1267)
Sibylla de Beauchamp


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Sibylla de Beauchamp

  General Notes:

SIBYLLA de Beauchamp . A genealogical table in the introduction to the Beauchamp Cartulary names "Isabel, Margaret, Sibil (unmarried 1269), Sarah (unmarried 1269)" as daughters of William [IV] de Beauchamp but cites no primary source which provides the basis for the information.

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