Aumary d'Abetot
(Abt 1036-)
Urse d'Abetot
(-Between 1100/1110)
Roger d'Abetot


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Roger d'Abetot

  General Notes:

ROGER de Abitot . Henry I King of England instructed "Waltero vicecomiti Gloec et Rogero vicecomiti de Wirecestr et Hugoni de Legrec" that the monks of Worcester Cathedral should enjoy quiet enjoyment, by charter dated to [Jun 1109/Aug 1111] or [Jul/Oct 1113]. Ellis says that "Roger dŽAbitot" son of Urse de Abitot "having killed one of the household of Henry I was banished", but does not cite the primary source in question. The banishment must be dated to [1114], as Henry I King of England granted "totam terram Rogeri de Wygrecestra", in and around the town of Worcester, to "Waltero de Bello Campo" by charter dated to [1114, after 15 Aug]. 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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