Aumary d'Abetot
(Abt 1036-)
Urse d'Abetot
(-Between 1100/1110)


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1. Adelisa

Urse d'Abetot

  • Marriage (1): Adelisa
  • Died: Between 1100 and 1110 1

   Other names for Urse were Urse d'Abbetot and Urse d'Abitot.

  General Notes:

URSE de Abitot (-[1100/10]). Round states that "Robert the Despencer" was the brother of "Urse de Abetot" who succeeded the former in his lands in Lincolnshire, but does not cite the primary source which confirms the family relationship. "Urse de Abetot" witnessed the undated charter under which William I King of England granted four manors to Chertsey St Peter. William I King of England notified "Urse de Abetot" and the bishop of Worcester of his donation of "Leng" to the church of Evesham by undated charter. Domesday Book records "Urse d´Abetot" holding Sezincote in Gloucestershire; and "Urse the sheriff" holding numerous properties from the churches of Worcester, Westminster St Peter, St Mary of Pershore, from the bishop of Bayeux, as well as his own holdings from the king, in Worcestershire. Sheriff of Worcester: "…Urso vicecomes…" witnessed the charter dated 20 May 1089 under which Wulfstan Bishop of Worcester granted property at Alveston to the monks. "…Eudo dapifer, Ivo dapifer, Hanno dapifer, Rotbertus de Oili, Urso de Abetot…Hugo de Portu, Rogerus de Busleio, Ranulfus Peverellis, Aiulfus vicecomes, Alveradus de Lincoln, Ernulfus de Hesding" witnessed the charter dated 27 Jan 1091 under which William II King of England confirmed the status of Bath abbey. "…Ursone de Abetot…" witnessed the charter dated Sep 1093 under which William II King of England donated property to Lincoln cathedral. A writ addressed to Robert Bishop of Lincoln and Osbert Sheriff of Lincolnshire, dated to [1095/1100], sanctioned an exchange of lands between "Ur de Abet" and "Rotb de Laceio de Ingoluesmaera", witnessed by "R. fil Haim". "…Ursonis de Abetot…" witnessed the undated charter under which Henry I King of England confirmed the foundation of Bermondsey abbey.

m ADELISA, daughter of ---. Ellis says that "Athelisa the viscountess" witnessed the charter of Urse de Abitot to Malvern priory, but does not cite the primary source in question. Henry I King of England notified the bishop of Worcester that he had granted "terram que fuit Adelize uxoris Ursonis de Abbetot sicut ipsa Adeliza eam ei concessit" to "Waltero de Bello Campo" by charter dated to [1123/Jul 1129].

Urse & his wife had two children: Roger and [Emmeline]. 1


• Title: Sheriff of Worcestershire, 1069 To 1108.

Urse married Adelisa.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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