Lanzelin II Vogt of Reichenau
(-After 1027)
(-After 1000)
Bezzelin Graf in der Ortenau
(-Abt 1024)


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1. Liutgard

Bezzelin Graf in der Ortenau

  • Marriage (1): Liutgard 1
  • Died: Abt 15 Jul 1024 1

  General Notes:

BEZZELIN [Bertilo] (-15 Jul [1024]). The Tabula consanguinitatis Friderici I regis et Adelæ reginæ (which provided the basis for their divorce) names "Berta" (sister of "Fridericus") as mother of "Bezelinum de Vilingen". The Genealogia Zaringorum names "Bezelinus comes" and his brother "Gebezone" as the first known members of the Zähringer family, specifying that they built Kloster Sulzburg near Mühlheim. Graf in der Ortenau. "Otto…rex" confirmed an exchange of property "villam…Nerichouua ultra fluvium Moldaha" agreed between Gisalhar Archbishop of Magdeburg and "Becilinum comitem" by charter dated 18 Sep 991, although it is not known whether this refers to the same person. "Pyrtilo" founded the monastery of Sulzburg by charter dated to [993], confirmed by Emperor Otto II by charter dated 22 Jun 993 at the request of "Byrchtilonis comitis" specifying that Sulzburg was "in pago Brysichgowe…in comitatu superius iam scripti Birchtilonis comitis". "Otto…Romanorum imperator augustus" granted the right to a market in Villingen to "Berhtoldo comiti nostro" by charter dated 29 Mar 999. This may have been the same person as Bezzelin, ancestor of the Zähringen family, or at least the grantee may have been closely related to him considering that the name Berthold was used frequently by Bezzelin's descendants. "Pirctelo…cum manu fratris mei Gebehardi" donated property to Sulzburg monastery "in pago Prisicheuue in comitatu Adalberoni comitis", and granted the monastery to the church of Basel, by charter dated 28 Mar 1008, witnessed by "Adalbero comes, Beretholt comes, Ruodolf comes…". "Heinricus…Romanorum imperator augustus" renewed the privileges of Kloster Fulda by undated charter, placed in the compilation with other charters dated 1020, witnessed by "Godifridi ducis, Berinhardi ducis, Thiederici ducis, Welphonis comitis, Cunonis comitis, Kunrati comitis, Ottonis comitis, Adilbrahtis comitis, Bobonis comitis, Friderici comitis, Bezilini comitis, Ezonis comitis palatini", the order of witnesses presumably giving some idea of the relative importance of these named nobles at the court of Emperor Heinrich II at the time.

m [LIUTGARD], daughter of ---, patruus of EBERHARD [IV] "dem Seligen" Graf von Nellenburg. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified.

Graf Bezzelin & his wife had one child: Berthold. 1

Bezzelin married Liutgard.1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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