de Lacy
(-Bef 1069)
Helwise de Lacy


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Helwise de Lacy

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[HELWISE . The Historia sancti Petri Gloucestrić records that "Helewysa relicta Willelmi de Ebroys" donated "terram…Hyda, quam Walterus de Lacy dedit ei in matrimonium" with the consent of "rege Henrico seniore…tempore Willelmi abbatis" [abbot from 1113 to 1131]. It is possible that Helwise was the sister of Walter de Lacy. A close relationship is indicated by his donation to her of property on her marriage. It appears unlikely that Helwise was Walter´s daughter: firstly, it is likely that such a relationship would have been specified in the source, and secondly Walter´s children were young when he died so any of his daughters may not have been old enough for marriage at the time.

m (before 27 Mar 1085) WILLIAM de Ebroys, son of --- (-before 1131).] 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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