Siegfried von Sponheim Graf im Pustertal
(-Abt 1072)
Engelbert [I] von Sponheim Graf im Kraichgau, von Sponheim und im Pustertal
(-After 1100)
Engelbert [II] von Sponheim Marchese di Istria, Herzog von Kärnten


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1. Uta von Passau

Engelbert [II] von Sponheim Marchese di Istria, Herzog von Kärnten

  • Marriage (1): Uta von Passau 1
  • Died: 12-13 Apr 1141 1
  • BuriedMale: Kloster Seeon, Seeon, Bayern, 83370, DE

  General Notes:

ENGELBERT [II] von Sponheim, son of ENGELBERT [I] von Sponheim Graf im Krainchgau, im Pustertal und von Sponheim & his wife Hedwig --- (-12/13 Apr 1141). The Fundatio Monasterii Sancti Pauli in Carinthia names (in order) "Engelbertus primogenitus, Sigfridus, Bernhardus et Heinricus" as sons of "Engelberto comite seniore" [86] . The Vita Chuonradi names "Engilbertum et Bernhardum" as brothers of Heinrich Duke of Carinthia. He succeeded in 1107 as ENGELBERT I Marchese di Istria . The documents dated Feb 1111 relating to the coronation of Heinrich V King of Germany as emperor name "Fridericum filium sororis suæ, marchionem Engilbertum, marchionem Thiebaldus, comitem Hermannum, Fridericum palatinum comitem de Saxonia, Berlingarium de Bavaria, Godefridum comitem, Fridericum Saxonum, Albertum cancellarium, Cononem fratri Berengarii, Sigebot de Bavaria, Henricum ducem Carinthie, Bertoldum filium ducis Bertoldi" as the emperor's guarantors. He was installed in 1124 as ENGELBERT Duke of Carinthia, until 1135. "Engilbertus tunc quidem marchio sed postea dux Karinthiorum" removed property donated to Kloster St Peter at Salzburg [before 13 Dec 1123], but by charter dated 1131 returned it to the archbishop of Salzburg, witnessed by "Pernhardus comes frater, Engilbertus marchio et Heinricus filii eiusdem ducis…". The necrology of Baumburg records the death "Id Apr" of "Engelbertus dux". The necrology of Salzburg St Rudpert records the death "II Id Apr" of "Engelbertus dux Karinthiorum et m". The necrology of Seonense records the death "Id Apr" of "Engilbertus ex duce m n c" and his donation.

m UTA von Passau, daughter of ULRICH Graf von Passau [Ratpotonen] & his wife Adelheid von Lechsgemünd (-16 Apr ----). The Fundatio Monasterii Baumburgensis names "in Bawarie provincia comes…Cuno…filiam Adilheit" as founder of Kloster Baumburg, naming her second husband "comes Udalricus de Pactavia" and her only daughter by her second marriage "Utam [wife of] Eingelperto duci de Chraieburc". "Ota ducissa de Chreiburch" donated property donated to Baumburg by charter dated to [1135/40]. The necrology of Baumburg records the death "XVI Kal May" of "Uta ducissa". The necrology of Seonense records the death "XVI Kal May" of "Uta ductrix" and her donation.

Duke Engelbert & his wife had [ten] children: Engelbert, Heinrich, Ulrich, Mathilde, Rapoto, Hartwig, Ida, [two daughters] and [Adelheid]. 1


• Title: Marchese di Istria, 1107 To 1124.

• Title: Herzog von Kärnten, 1124 To 1135.

Engelbert married Uta von Passau, daughter of Ulrich von Cham Graf von Finningen und Passau and Adelheid von Lechsgemünd.1 (Uta von Passau died about 9 Feb 1150 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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