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1. Gisela

Heinrich von Wasserburg Graf von Wasserburg

  • Marriage (1): Gisela

  General Notes:

---. [same person as…? HEINRICH Graf von Wasserburg (-28 Jan ----). The necrology of Ättl records the death "V Kal Feb" of "Hainricus com de Wasserburg", who has not been otherwise identified.

m [as her first husband,] GISELA, daughter of ---. Gisela was the wife of Arnold Graf von Diessen. The possibility of this first marriage of Gisela to an unknown husband is speculative. Europäische Stammtafeln shows the four children below as possible children of Graf Arnold. The necrology of Diessen reveals that at least three of them, Gebhard, Otto and Dietrich, were brothers of "Berhtoldi comitis fundatoris nostri". The same source shows that Berthold was the son of Graf Arnold. The difficulty lies with the chronology. As is shown under the Grafen von Andechs, it is likely that Berthold was born to the end of his father's life assuming that there was not a large difference of age between him and his first wife, who it is unlikely could have been born much before [1095/98]. On the other hand, the dates of death of three of the children shown below indicate that they are unlikely to have been born after the early 1070s. One possible explanation is that they were Graf Berthold's uterine brothers, born from an earlier marriage of their mother. This could also explain the sudden appearance of the name "Gebhard" into the family, unused before this time. It would also explain why the necrology of Diessen names Graf Berthold's father while recording that Gebhard and Dietrich were "brothers of Berthold" without naming their father.

[Graf Heinrich] & his wife had three children: Gebhard, Otto and Dietrich. 1

Heinrich married Gisela.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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