Lanzelin II Vogt of Reichenau
(-After 1027)
(-After 1000)
Bezzelin Graf in der Ortenau
(-Abt 1024)
Berthold I von Zähringen Herzog von Kärnten, Marchese di Verona


Family Links

1. Richwara

2. Béatrice de Mousson

Berthold I von Zähringen Herzog von Kärnten, Marchese di Verona

  • Marriage (1): Richwara 1
  • Marriage (2): Béatrice de Mousson about 1056
  • Died: 6 Nov 1078, Weilheim an der Teck, Baden-Württemberg, 73231, DE 1
  • BuriedMale: Kloster Hirsau, Hirsau, Baden-Württemberg, 75365, DE 1

  General Notes:

BERTHOLD (-Limburg 5/6 Nov 1078, bur Hirsau). The Tabula consanguinitatis Friderici I regis et Adelæ reginæ (which provided the basis for their divorce) names "Bertolfum cum Barba" as son of "Bezelinum de Vilingen". The Genealogia Zaringorum names "Berchtoldus Cum-barba" as son of "Bezelinus comes", specifying that he was buried at Hirsau. "Heinricus…Romanorum imperator augustus" confirmed property "…in pago Brysihcgowe in villis Mulinheim et Ougheim in comitatu Bertholdi comitis…in pago Brisihcgowe in villa Piccensole in comitatu supra dicti Bertholdi comitis…" to the cathedral of Basel by charter dated 1 Jun 1048. "Eberhardus comes Turegie provincie" exchanged property with "Bertholdo Carinthiorum duce" by charter dated early Mar 1050, witnessed by "…Burchardus et Eberhardus et Adelbertus, filii Eberhardi comitis…". This charter is presumably misdated as Berthold did not become Duke of Carinthia until 1061, and his son Marchese in 1072. He was promised the duchy of Swabia by the emperor. He was installed in 1061 as BERTHOLD I "the Bearded" Duke of Carinthia. The Annals of Berthold record that "Berhtoldus comes Suevigena" was appointed Duke of Carinthia in 1061 after the death of "Chounradus…Carantanis ducis". He never obtained actual possession of the duchy, and was deposed in 1077. Marchese di Verona 1066. Graf im Breisgau until 1077. Heinrich IV King of Germany confirmed the privileges of Basel church in property "in comitatu Berchtoldi in pago Brisichgowi" by charter dated 20 May 1073. He founded Kloster Weilheim unter Teck before 1073. He was one of the principal adversaries of Emperor Heinrich IV in the investiture dispute, demonstrated by King Heinrich redistributing Berthold's properties by charter dated 1 Jul 1077 under which "Heinricus…rex" granted property "in pago Brisgowe Bertholfi iam non duci iusto iudicio sublatum" to the church of Strasbourg.

m firstly RICHWARA, daughter of --- (-before [1056]). The wife of "Berchtoldus dux de Zaringen" is named "Richwara" in a list of founders of the monastery of St Peter in Schwarzwald. According to Wegener, she was Richwara of Swabia, daughter of Hermann IV Duke of Swabia [Babenberg] & his wife Adelaida di Susa. However, this seems unlikely from a chronological point of view. Richwara gave birth to five children, presumably between [1045/55], so is unlikely to have been born later than 1030, when her supposed father was only 15 years old and her supposed mother about 10.

m secondly ([1056]) BEATRIX de Mousson, daughter of LOUIS Comte de Mousson & his wife Sophie of Upper Lotharingia (-26 Oct 1092, bur Toul Cathedral). The Chronicon of Bernold records the death "1092 VII Kal Nov…in civitate Leucorum" of "Beatrix soror Friderici marchionis et uxor quondam Berthaldi ducis" and her burial by the bishop of the same place.

Duke Berthold & his first wife had five children: Hermann, Berthold, Gebhard, Richinza and Liutgarde. 1


• Title: Herzog von Kärnten, 1061 To 1077. 1

• Title: Marchese di Verona, 1066. 1

• Title: Graf im Breisgau, to 1077. 1

Berthold married Richwara.1 (Richwara died before 1056 1.)

Berthold next married Béatrice de Mousson, daughter of Louis de Mousson Comte de Mousson and Sophie de Lorraine, about 1056. (Béatrice de Mousson died on 26 Oct 1092.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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