de Tosny
Guy I de Laval Seigneur de Laval
(Abt 0980/0990-Bef 1062)
Berthe de Tosny
Agnès de Laval


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Agnès de Laval

  General Notes:

AGNES de Laval . "Hamo de La Valle Guidonis" donated property to the monastery of La Charité Sainte-Marie d´Anjou, at the request of "suarum sororum Agnetis et Odeline", with the consent of "uxore…sua Hersende", by undated charter. The monks of Marmoutier record a donation by "Guido, castri quod Vallis nuncupatur, in pago Cynnomennensi conditor atque possessor", at the request of "Johannis filii sui monachi nostri", with the consent of "Haimone atque Guidone filiis suis…Gervasium…tres his…sorores Hildesindem, Agnetem, Hildeburgem", by charter dated to [1050]. The monks of Marmoutier record a donation by "Guido, castri…Vallis…in pago Cenomannensi conditorem ac possessorem", with the consent of "suorumque filiorum…Haimonis…Gervasii atque Guidonis, simulque Agnetis", by charter dated to [1050], witnessed by "…Rotrudis uxor predicti Widonis, Gualterius filius eius…". The monks of Marmoutier record the division of Laval fair and market profits with "Guido de Valle", with the consent of "filii eius Hamon, Hildelinda, Agnes, Hildeburgis et Guido et Gervasius" by charter dated to [1050], witnessed by "…Rotrudis supradicti Guidonis uxor, Gualterius filius eius…". Nun at Ronceray. "Hamon de Laval" donated property to Ronceray, at the request of "ses sœurs Agnès et Hildelinde", for the souls of "Guy son père et de Berthe sa mère", with the approval of "Guy son fils et de Hersende son épouse", by charter dated to [1075] .

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