Yves de Creil Seigneur de Bellême
Hamon de Château-du-Loir Seigneur d'Argentré
(-Abt 1030)
Hildeburge de Bellême
Rotrude de Château-du-Loir
(-After 1050)


Family Links

1. Unknown

  • Gauthier
2. Guy I de Laval Seigneur de Laval
  • Guy de Laval
  • Gervais de Laval

Rotrude de Château-du-Loir

  • Marriage (1): Unknown 1
  • Marriage (2): Guy I de Laval Seigneur de Laval before 1030 1
  • Died: After 1050 1

  General Notes:

ROTRUDE de Château-du-Loir (-after [1050]). The monks of Marmoutier record a donation by "Guido, castri…Vallis…in pago Cenomannensi conditorem ac possessorem", with the consent of "suorumque filiorum…Haimonis…Gervasii atque Guidonis, simulque Agnetis", by charter dated to [1050], witnessed by "…Rotrudis uxor predicti Widonis, Gualterius filius eius…". Her parentage is confirmed by a charter dated to [1100] under which the monks of Angers Saint-Aubin recall the history of "ecclesiam de Comburniaco", seized by "Fulcho comes" [Foulques III "Nerra" Comte d´Anjou] and given to "Hamelino de Castro Ledi", who granted it to "Widdoni de Valle cum filia sua in maritagio". If this report is correct, Rotrude must have married before [1030], the estimated date of death of her father. The monks of Marmoutier record the division of Laval fair and market profits with "Guido de Valle", with the consent of "filii eius Hamon, Hildelinda, Agnes, Hildeburgis et Guido et Gervasius" by charter dated to [1050], witnessed by "…Rotrudis supradicti Guidonis uxor, Gualterius filius eius…". These charters confirm Rotrude´s first marriage, from which "Gualterius filius eius" was presumably born.

m firstly ---. The name of Rotrude´s first husband is not known.

m secondly ([before 1030]) as his second wife, GUY [I] Sire de Laval , son of --- (-after 1064).

Rotrude & her first husband had one child: Gauthier. 1

Rotrude married.1

Rotrude next married Guy I de Laval Seigneur de Laval before 1030.1 (Guy I de Laval Seigneur de Laval was born about 980-990 1 and died before 26 Feb 1062 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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