Roger [I] de Montgommery Seigneur de Montgommery, Vicomte de l'Hiémois
Hugues de Montgommery Vicomte d'Hiémois
(-Between 1035/1048)


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Hugues de Montgommery Vicomte d'Hiémois

  • Died: Between 1035 and 1048 1

   Cause of his death was Killed in battle.

  General Notes:

HUGUES de Montgommery (-killed in battle 7 Feb [1035/before 1048], bur Troarn). Guillaume of Jumièges names "Hugo et Robertus, Rogerius et Willelmus atque Gislebertus" as the five sons of "Rogeri[us] de Montegumeri", adding that they had remained in Normandy during their father´s exile. He witnessed his father's charter for the abbey of Jumièges397. He was killed during the troubles in Normandy during the minority of Duke Guillaume II. Vicomte d'Hiémois.

[m JOSCELINE de Bolbec, daughter of OSBERN de Bolbec & his wife Wevia ---. Josceline and her marriage are shown in Europäische Stammtafeln. This is presumably based on Robert de Torigny, continuation of William of Jumièges, the unreliability of this part of whose chronicle is discussed in the Complete Peerage. Guillaume of Jumièges records that "nepotes...plures...Gunnor...earum...quintam" married "Hugo de Monte-gummerici" by whom she had "Rogerius pater Roberti de Bellismo". There must be considerable doubt about whether this can be correct as Osbern de Bolbec´s wife and Hugues de Montgommery´s mother would have been first cousins.] 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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