Olof King of Sweden
(Bef 0985-Abt 1022)
Anund Jakob King of Sweden
(-Abt 1052)


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Anund Jakob King of Sweden

  • Died: Abt 1052 1

  General Notes:

ANUND JAKOB (-[1052]). Adam of Bremen names "filius Iacobus et filia Ingrad" as the children of "Olaph rex Sueonum" and his wife Estred, in a later passage clarifying that the son was "Anund…dictus est Iacobus". He succeeded his father in [1022] as ANUND JAKOB King of Sweden.

m as her first husband, GUNHILD Svensdatter , daughter of Jarl SVEN Haakonsson & his wife Holmfrid of Sweden (-1060 or after). The primary source which confirms her first marriage has not yet been identified. Adam of Bremen refers to the marriage of "rex iuvenis Suein" and "consanguineam a Suedia", the king being threatened with excommunication by the Archbishop of Bremen and papal letters, his wife being named "Gunhild [vel Giuthe] reginam" in a later passage which records that after her separation she devoted herself to charitable activities on her estates. Her parentage is referred to in Knytlinga Saga. Snorre records that "Gunhild, Earl Svein's other daughter" was married to "the Danish king Svein Ulfson". She married secondly (1052) as his first wife, Svend II King of Denmark . 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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