Vladimir Sviatoslavich
(Abt 0960-1015)
Rogned of Polotsk
(Abt 0956-Abt 0998/1000)
Iaroslav I Vladimirovich Grand Prince of Kiev
(Abt 0978-1054)


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1. Ingigerd Olafsdottir

Iaroslav I Vladimirovich Grand Prince of Kiev

  • Born: Abt 978 1
  • Marriage (1): Ingigerd Olafsdottir in 1019 1
  • Died: 20 Feb 1054, Vyshgorod, Kiev, 07300, UA aged about 76 1
  • BuriedMale: Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kiev, 07300, UA 1

  General Notes:

IAROSLAV Vladimirovich, son of VLADIMIR I "Velikiy/the Great" Grand Prince of Kiev & his first wife Rognoda of Polotsk ([978]-Vyshgorod 20 Feb 1054, bur Kiev Church of St Sophia). Prince of Rostov 988-1010. Prince of Novgorod 1013-1015. He rebelled against his father and refused to pay tribute from Novgorod in 1014. Challenged by his cousin Sviatopolk I Grand Prince of Kiev, following the latter's accession in Kiev, he defeated Sviatopolk at Liubech in [1016] and forced him to flee to Poland, succeeding as IAROSLAV I "Mudriy/the Wise" Grand Prince of Kiev. Sviatopolk returned in Jul 1018 with an army led by his father-in-law, Boles I King of Poland, and defeated Iaroslav at the Western Bug and forced him to retire to Novgorod. Sviatopolk entered Kiev again 14 Aug 1018 and resumed his rule. After King Boles returned to Poland, Iaroslav advanced once more on Kiev. Sviatopolk fled south to raise another force with the Pechenegs but was finally defeated by the river Alta in 1019, when Iaroslav resumed power in Kiev. In 1024, his half-brother Mstislav Prince of Tmutorokan moved his headquarters north to Chernigov to challenge Iaroslav, whom he defeated at Listven. The half-brothers agreed a division of territories, Iaroslav taking the land on the western bank of the Dnieper including Kiev and Novgorod. While Iaroslav was absent in Novgorod, the Pechenegs laid siege to Kiev, but were defeated after Iaroslav returned with a formidable army to relieve the siege. He succeeded in the territories of his half-brother Mstislav on the latter's death in 1036, becoming sole ruler or "Autocrat of the land of the Rus". His greatest project was the conquest of Constantinople but his armies were defeated in decisive battles in 1043. He supervised the rapid expansion of the city of Kiev, modelled on Constantinople. His law code Rus'ka Pravda also contributed to the development and consolidation of his administration especially in the area around Kiev, although it appears to have had little impact in the north. The Primary Chronicle records the death of Iaroslav 19 Feb 1054 at Vyshgorod aged 76 and his burial place. He left a testament dividing his territories between his sons, the substance of which is recorded in the Primary Chronicle although no original text has survived.

[m firstly ---. The fact of Iaroslav´s first marriage is indicated by the chronology of his oldest son, although as noted below no primary source has yet been identified which refers to this oldest son. Nevertheless, Iaroslav´s birth date, if accurate as shown above, does suggest that an earlier marriage is likely.]

m [secondly] (1019) INGIGERD Olafsdottir of Sweden, daughter of OLOF "Skotkonung" King of Sweden & his wife Estrid of the Obotriten ([1000/03]-10 Feb 1050). Adam of Bremen names "filius Iacobus et filia Ingrad" as the children of "Olaph rex Sueonum" & his wife Estred, specifying that Ingrad married "rex sanctus Gerzlef de Ruzzia". Her birth date range is estimated based on the birth of her oldest child in 1020, and her youngest known child in [1036]. Morkinskinna names "Queen Ingiger the daughter of King Óláfr the Swede" as wife of "King Yaroslav [of] Russia". Snorre records the betrothal of "Ingegerd the king's daughter" and "King Jarisleif…from Russia". The Historia Norwegie records the marriage of "sororem Olaui Sueonensis…Margaretam" and "rex Iarezlafus de Ruscia" at her brother's instigation, after her betrothal to Olav of Norway was terminated. It is more probable that she was the daughter rather than sister of King Olof if it is correct that she had ten children by her husband. She is referred to as IRINA in Russian sources. The Primary Chronicle records the death of "the Princess wife of Yaroslav" 10 Feb [1048/50].

Grand Prince Iaroslav & his first wife had one child: Iliya Iaroslavich.

Grand Prince Iaroslav & his second wife had ten children: 1


• Title: Prince of Rostov, 988 To 1010.

• Title: Prince of Novgorod, 1013 To 1015.

Iaroslav married Ingigerd Olafsdottir, daughter of Olof King of Sweden and Estred, in 1019.1 (Ingigerd Olafsdottir was born about 1000-1003 1 and died on 10 Feb 1050 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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