Hilduin de Breteuil Vicomte de Chartres, Comte de Breteuil
(-Abt 1060)
Galeran de Breteuil


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Galeran de Breteuil

  • Died: 1063

  General Notes:

GALERAN de Breteuil (-1063). "Gelduinus" donated property by charter dated to [1038/40] which names "…filiorumque meorum Evrardi, Arduini, Hugonis episcopi…", subscribed by "Gelduini vicecomitis, Harduin vicecomitis filius eius, Ebrardi fratris eius, Gualerandi fratris eius…". Vicomte de Vexin or Meulan. Monk 1037. The Chronicon Hugonis names "Walerannus, Gelduini comitis filius", recording that he limped after being wounded in the knee during the Bar war and was buried at Verdun in 1046. Abbot of St Vannes, Verdun 1049. Abbot of Montléramé.

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