Hilduin de Breteuil Vicomte de Chartres, Comte de Breteuil
(-Abt 1060)


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1. Emmeline

Hilduin de Breteuil Vicomte de Chartres, Comte de Breteuil

  • Marriage (1): Emmeline 1
  • Died: Abt 18 May 1060, Abbaye Saint-Vanne de Verdun, Verdun, Meuse, Lorraine, 55100, FR 1

  General Notes:

HILDUIN [Gilduin], son of --- (-St Vanne, Verdun 18 May [1060]). Vicomte de Chartres. He founded the abbey of Coulombs in 1025. "…Gilduini vicecomitis Carnotensi…" subscribed the charter dated [1027/28] under which Robert II King of France confirmed donations to Coulombs. He founded the abbey of Saint-Jean-en-Vallée, Chartres in 1036. Comte de Breteuil. "Gelduinus" donated property by charter dated to [1038/40] which names "propinquo meo…Fulcherio, seniorisque mei Odonis…comitis, coniugis mea…Emelinæ filiorumque meorum Evrardi, Arduini, Hugonis episcopi, Gelduini et Fulcherii Carnotensis propinqui mei", subscribed by "Gelduini vicecomitis, Harduin vicecomitis filius eius, Ebrardi fratris eius, Gualerandi fratris eius…Hervei vicecomitis". "Gelduinus de Bretulio et filius eius Harduinus vicecomes Carnotensis" donated property by charter dated to [1048/60]. "Gelduinus…vicecomes" donated a serf to Marmoutier, for the soul of "meique filii Harduini", with the consent of "domino meo Tetbaldo comite…filio meo Ebrardo", by charter dated to [1046/64] signed by "Ermengarde comitisse, Gerduini vicecomitis, Ebrardi filii eius, Ebrardi filii Ebrardi, Hugonis fratris eius, Adeladis sororis eorum, Guarini Tyrensis filii…Ilberti filii Nivelonis, Fulcherii fratris eius, Girardi fratris eius…Hugonis vicecomitis, Hilgodi filii episcopi…". The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death "XV Kal Jun" of "Gelduinus ex vicecomite monachus", recording that he donated property at "Ciconiolas" for his soul and that of "filii sui Harduini". The necrology of Verdun Saint-Vanne records the death "XV Kal Jun" of "domnus Gelduinus pater domni abbatis Waleranni".

m EMMELINE, daughter of ---. "Gelduinus" donated property by charter dated to [1038/40] which names "…coniugis mea…Emelinæ…". "Gilduinus, vicecomes Carnotinæ urbis, uxorque propria…Emmelina…cum filiis nostris" donated property to "Carnotensi monasterio Sancti Petri" by charter 29 Apr 1046, signed by "Gilduinus vicecomes, Harduinus vicecomes filius eius, Elisabeth uxor eiusdem…".

Hilduin & his wife had [six] children: Harduin, Erard, Hugues, Galeran, Hilduin and a daughter. 1

Hilduin married Emmeline.1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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