Hermann II von Schwaben Herzog von Schwaben


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1. Gerberge de Bourgogne

Hermann II von Schwaben Herzog von Schwaben

  • Marriage (1): Gerberge de Bourgogne about 986 1
  • Died: 2-3 May 1003 1

  General Notes:

HERMANN (-2/3 May 1003). The Annales Einsidlenses record the death in 997 of "Chuonradus dux" and the succession of "Herimannus filius eius in ducatum". The Annalista Saxo (apparently incorrectly) records "Herimannum ducem" as son of "Udonis ducis, qui aput Calabriam cum multis occubuit, quando imperator Otto secundus contra Sarracenos pugnavit". The confusion may be due to Thietmar describing Duke Hermann as "matris meć avunculi filius", without specifying which "avunculus" to whom this refers. He was installed in 997 as HERMANN II Duke of Swabia. A majority of south-western magnates supported Duke Hermann's candidacy for the imperial throne in 1002 after the death of Emperor Otto III, but acknowledged the accession of Heinrich Duke of Bavaria as king of Germany in Oct 1002. The necrology of Fulda records the death "1003 IV Non Mai" of "Herman dux".

m ([986]) as her second husband, GERBERGA of Burgundy, widow of HERMANN Graf von Werl, daughter of CONRAD I "le Pacifique" King of Burgundy [Welf] & his second wife Mathilde de France [Carolingian] (-7 Jul 1018). Herimannus names "filiam Counradi regis Burgundić, Gerbirgam" as wife of "Herimannus dux". The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Rodulfum II et sororem suam Gepam matrem imperatricis Gisile" as children of "Conradus rex Burgundie" and his wife Mathilde. Wipo names "Herimannus dux Alamannić [et] Kerbirga filia Chuonradi regis de Burgundia" as the parents of "regis coniunx Gisela". "Otto…Romanorum imperator augustus" donated property "in villa Stohchusen in pago Locdorp ac comitatu Herimanni comitis" to Kloster Meschede by charter dated 29 Sep 997 by request of "Gerbirge comitisse". The necrology of Marchtalen records the death "Non Jul" of "Gerbirc ducissa". No direct record of her first marriage has so far been identified. However, "Otto tercius…Romanorum imperator augustus" granted privileges to Kloster Oedingen founded by "matrona Gerberga…in comitatu Herimanni eius filii" to the monks of the Marienkapelle at Aachen by charter dated 18 May 1000, and Thietmar names "Count Hermann son of Gerberga" when recording his dispute with Dietrich Bishop of Münster in 1016. These two references relate to Hermann [II] Graf von Werl. In addition, "Rodulfus et Bernhardus nati in…Werla" are named as brothers of Empress Gisela in the Annalista Saxo, although not specifying that they were her uterine brothers.

Duke Hermann II & his wife had five children: Mathilde, Gisela, Berchtold, Beatrix and Hermann. 1


• Title: Herzog von Schwaben, 997. 1

Hermann married Gerberge de Bourgogne about 986.1 (Gerberge de Bourgogne died on 7 Jul 1018 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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