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Renaud de Mâcon Comte de Bourgogne
(Abt 0990-1057/1057)
Adélaïde de Normandie
(Abt 1000-After 1030)
Guillaume I de Bourgogne Comte de Bourgogne, Comte de Mâcon
(Abt 1024-1087)
(Abt 1035-After 1088)
Étienne I de Bourgogne Comte de Mâcon, Seigneur de Varasque


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1. Béatrice de Lorraine

Étienne I de Bourgogne Comte de Mâcon, Seigneur de Varasque

  • Marriage (1): Béatrice de Lorraine about 1090 1
  • Died: 27 May 1102, Ashkelon, IL 1

   Cause of his death was Murdered..1

   Other names for Étienne were Étienne "Tête-Hardi" de Bourgogne and Étienne "Tête-Hardi" de Mâcon.1

  General Notes:

ETIENNE [I] "Tête-Hardi" (-murdered Ascalon 27 May 1102). He and his brothers Raimond and Hugues called themselves sons of the "most noble count William" in a late-11th century document. He succeeded in [1087] as Comte de Mâcon, Seigneur de Varasque. Albert of Aix records that "Reinoldo duce Burgundiæ, fratre Stephani, vice ipsius Burgundiam regentis" left for Jerusalem, indicating that his brother Etienne was appointed regent in the county of Burgundy in his place. He himself joined the Crusade some time after the death of his brother. Albert of Aix records that "Stephanus…dux Burgundiæ…" joined with the Lombard contingent on the second wave of the First Crusade, dated to late 1100 from the context. He commanded troops with Etienne Comte de Blois; they were defeated by the Turks at Marsivam. William of Tyre records the presence at the second capture of Tortosa in 1102 of "Stephanus comes Burgundiæ". Albert of Aix records that "Conradus, Arpinus, Stephanus Blesensis itemque Stephanus de Burgundia" were captured at Ramla after being burned in a tower, and that "Stephano itemque Stephano" were beheaded, dated to mid-1102 from the context.

m ([1090]) BEATRIX de Lorraine, daughter of GERARD IV Duke of Upper Lotharingia [Lorraine] & his wife Hadwide ---(-[1116/17]). "Stephanus comes Burgundie et dominus de Treva" donated property to Cluny by charter dated [1100] in which he refers to his wife as "filia ducis Lotharingie" but does not name her. The primary source which names her has not yet been identified.

Comte Etienne I & his wife had [six] children: Isabelle, Renaud, Guillaume, Clemence, Humbert and a daughter.


• Title: Comte de Mâcon, 1087 To 1102. 1

• Title: Seigneur de Varasque, 1087 To 1102. 1

Étienne married Béatrice de Lorraine, daughter of Gérard de Metz Duc de Lorraine and Hadwide de Namur, about 1090.1 (Béatrice de Lorraine died about 1116-1117 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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