Fulbert de Falaise
Herluin de Conteville Vicomte de Conteville
(-Abt 1066)
Arlette de Falaise
(-Abt 1050)
Robert de Mortain Comte de Mortain
(After 1040-1090)


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1. Mathilde de Montgommery

2. Almodis
  • Robert de Mortain

Robert de Mortain Comte de Mortain

  • Born: After 1040
  • Marriage (1): Mathilde de Montgommery before 1066
  • Marriage (2): Almodis
  • Died: 8 Dec 1090
  • BuriedMale: Abbaye de Grestain, Fatouville-Grestain, Eure, Haute-Normandie, 27210, FR

  General Notes:

ROBERT de Mortain (after 1040-8 Dec 1090, bur abbaye de Grestain). Guillaume of Jumièges names "Herleva Fulberti cubicularii ducis filia" as the mother of "Willelmus...ex concubina Roberti ducis...natus", and that after Duke Robert died "Herluinus...miles"married her by whom he had "duos filios Odonem et Robertum". Named by Florence of Worcester as the brother of King William I "but only on his mother's side". Orderic Vitalis records that Guillaume Duke of Normandy granted "multis honoribus in Normannia et Anglia" to "Herluinus...de Contavilla...filios eius: Radulfus, quem de alia conjuge procreaverat, fratresque suos uterinos: Odonis et Rodbertum". Comte de Mortain: Guillaume of Jumièges records that "Willelmus cognomento Werlencus de stirpe Richardi magni comes...Moritolii" plotted rebellion against Guillaume II Duke of Normandy, as reported to the duke by "tyro de familia sua...Robertus Bigot", and that the duke expelled him to Apulia and granted his county to "Robertum fratrem suum". Orderic Vitalis names "...Rodbertus comes Moritoliensis, Willermi ducis uterinus frater..." among the leading lords under Guillaume II Duke of Normandy. Orderic Vitalis records that he was installed as Comte de Mortain in 1063 by his half-brother Guillaume II Duke of Normandy, after he dispossessed Guillaume Werlenc. King William I granted him nearly all the land of Cornwall as a reward for his participation at the battle of Hastings in 1066, but he does not seem to have been created Earl of Cornwall, continuing to be referred to as "comes Moritoniensis". "Robertus Moretonii comes frater Villelmi Anglorum regis et Normannorum principis" granted property to the abbey of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire by charter dated 9 Jan 1083. He joined his brother Eudes in the 1088 rebellion against King William II but was pardoned. The necrology of the church of Mortain records the death "8 Dec" of "Robertus comes Moretonii fundator istius ecclesie".

m firstly (before 1066) MATHILDE de Montgommery, daughter of ROGER Sire de Montgommery, Vicomte d'Hiémois [later Earl of Shrewsbury] & his first wife Mabel d'Alençon (-[1085], bur abbaye de Grestain). Orderic Vitalis names "Emma sanctimonialis et Almaniscarum abbatissa, Mathildis comitissa uxor...Rodberti Moritoliensium comitis, Mabilia conjux Hugonis de Novo-Castello et Sibylia uxor Rodberti filii Haimonis" as the four daughters of "Rogerius [de Monte-Gomerici]" and his first wife. "Robert count of Mortain" donated property to the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel for "his deceased wife Mathildis and his living wife Almodis" by charter dated to [1087/91]. "Willielmus comes Moritonii" founded Montcute Priory, for the souls of "patris mei Roberti comitis et matris meæ Mathillidis comitissæ", by undated charter.

m secondly ALMODIS, daughter of ---. "Robert count of Mortain" donated property to the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel for "his deceased wife Mathildis and his living wife Almodis" with the consent of "Robert his son" by charter dated to [1087/91], which specifies that "William his other son has promised to grant it if Almodis should leave no heir".

Earl Robert & his first wife had [six] children: Robert, Guillaume, Denise, Emma, [Sibylle] and Agnes.

Earl Robert & his second wife had one child: Robert.

Robert married Mathilde de Montgommery, daughter of Roger [II] de Montgommery Seigneur de Montgommery, Vicomte de l'Hiémois and Mabile de Bellême, before 1066. (Mathilde de Montgommery died about 1085 1 and was buried in Abbaye de Grestain, Fatouville-Grestain, Eure, Haute-Normandie, 27210, FR 1.)

Robert next married Almodis.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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