Guglielmo di Ivrea Comte de Mâcon et de Nevers
(Between 0960/0962-1026)
Ermentrude de Roucy
(Between 0947/0952-1002/1004)
Renaud de Mâcon Comte de Bourgogne
(Abt 0990-1057/1057)


Family Links

1. Adélaïde de Normandie

2. Judith

Renaud de Mâcon Comte de Bourgogne

  • Born: Abt 990 1
  • Marriage (1): Adélaïde de Normandie before 1 Sep 1016 1
  • Marriage (2): Judith
  • Died: 3-4 Sep 1057 aged about 67 1
  • BuriedMale: Besançon, Doubs, Franche-Comté, 25000, FR 1

  General Notes:

RENAUD de Mâcon, son of OTHON GUILLAUME Comte de Mâcon & his first wife Ermentrude de Roucy ([990]-3/4 Sep 1057, bur Besançon). Rodulfus Glaber names "Rainaldus" as one of the sons of "Willemus, Henrici ducis priuignus, Adalberti Longobardorum ducis filius" and his wife. His mother's name is confirmed by the charter dated 1029 under which "Reinaldus comes filius Ottonis cognomento Vuilelmi…Yrmengardis coniugis" donated property "ecclesiam sancti Nicolai vallis iuxta Poliniacum" to Cluny, confirmed by "Rodulfus rex". The Chronicle of St Bénigne de Dijon records a donation by "Otto comes cognomento Willelmus" with "filii eius Rainaldi" dated 1004 "pro anima Hinrici Ducis, qui eum loco filii adoptavit et genitricis sue Gerberge uxoris predicti Ducis, ac filii sui Widonis et Hermintrudis coniugis". "Otto comes et uxor mea Adila" donated property to Saint-Vincent de Mâcon by two charters dated to 1015 or before (during the reign of Robert I King of France) both subscribed by "Rainaldi filii sui". Guillaume of Jumièges records that "Rainaldus trans Saonæ fluvium Burgundionum comes" was imprisoned by "Cabilonensi comite...Hugone", and that Richard II Duke of Normandy sent an army headed by "Richardo filio suo" [which presumably dates the event to [1016/26]] who besieged "Milinandum castrum" and forced Renaud´s release. He succeeded his father in 1026 as RENAUD I Comte de Bourgogne, although at that time the "county of Burgundy" did not yet exist as such, Bouchard suggesting that the title was purely descriptive of the area in which Renaud exercised his power. The Chronicle of Saint-Bénigne, interpolated into the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines, records that "filius eius [=comes Otto Guilelmus] comes Rainaldus" succeeded his father in "terram ultra Sagonnam" dividing the territory with his nephew "filius alterius filii eius Guidonis, alter comes Otto". Renaud supported Emperor Konrad II in the latter's struggle with Eudes Comte de Blois for control over the kingdom of Burgundy after the death of the last King Rudolf III in 1032. "Raginaldus comes comitis Guillelmi filius" donated property to the abbey of Flavigny by charter dated 18 May 1037 subscribed by "Iudid comitisse uxoris eius, Guillelmi filii eius, Hugonis filii eius…". The Herimanni Augiensis Chronicon records that "Ludowicus comes" expelled "Reginoldum principem, reginæ Agnetis avunculum, sed Heinrico regi inimicum" from "castellum…Mons Piligardæ". Emperor Heinrich III defeated Comte Renaud in battle after the latter besieged Montbéliard, forcing him to swear allegiance to the Comte de Montbéliard at Soleure in 1045. Herimannus records that "Reginolf et Gerolt Burgundiones" submitted to Heinrich III King of Germany "apud Solodurum" [Solothurn] in 1045.

m [firstly] (before 1 Sep 1016) ADELAIS de Normandie, daughter of RICHARD II Duke of Normandy & his first wife Judith de Rennes [Bretagne] ([1000]-7 Jul [after 1030]). Guillaume of Jumièges names "Adeliz"as the first daughter of "dux Richardus" and his wife "Goiffredum Britannorum comitem...sororem...Iudith", adding that she married "Rainaldo Burgundionum comiti" by whom she had "Willelmum et Widonem" (the marriage is recorded in a later passage). Orderic Vitalis records her marriage and calls her amita of William I King of England. Rodulfus Glaber states that "filiam Richardi Rotomagensis ducis, Adeledam" married Renaud. "Otto comes qui nominatur Willelmus" issued a charter dated 2 Nov 1023 subscribed by "Raynardi comitis, Adheleydis uxoris eius". "Raynaldi comitis, Adheleys uxoris eius" subscribed the charter dated 1030 by which "Robertus regis Roberti filius et regis Henrici filii eius germanus…Burgundie Dux" restored property to Cluny.

[m secondly JUDITH, daughter of --- (-after 18 May 1037). "Raginaldus comes comitis Guillelmi filius" donated property to the abbey of Flavigny by charter dated 18 May 1037 subscribed by "Iudid comitisse uxoris eius, Guillelmi filii eius, Hugonis filii eius…". "Iudid comitisse" is assumed in traditional genealogies to have been the same person as Adelais. However, it is also possible that she was Comte Renaud's second wife, Adelais having died earlier. This may be corroborated by Renaud's sons being described in the charter as "filii eius" rather than "filii eorum", although the use of these two grammatical variants is inconsistent in contemporary sources.]

Comte Renaud I & his [first] wife had four children: Guillaume, Guy, Hugues and Foulques. 1

Renaud married Adélaïde de Normandie, daughter of Richard [II] de Normandie Duc de Normandie and Judith de Bretagne, before 1 Sep 1016.1 (Adélaïde de Normandie was born about 1000 and died after 7 Jul 1030.)

Renaud next married Judith. (Judith died after 18 May 1037.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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