Hamon de Château-du-Loir Seigneur d'Argentré
(-Abt 1030)
Hildeburge de Bellême
Robert de Château-du-Loir Seigneur de Château-du-Loir
(-Bef 1068)
(-Abt 1095)
Gervais de Château-du-Loir
(-After 1090)


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Gervais de Château-du-Loir

  • Died: After 1090

  General Notes:

GERVAIS de Château-du-Loir (-after 1090). "Gervasius homo milicie seculari" donated the church of Saint-Guingalois "in pago Cenomannensi in Castello Ledi" to Marmoutier by charter dated [Sep 1067/23 Sep 1068], naming "pater meus Rotbertus et mater meus Elisabeth et uxor mea Aremburgis necnon et avus meus Amelinus et avia mea Hildeburgis et Gervasius Remorum archiepiscopus" with the consent of "matris mee omniumque fratrum meorum" and listing the monetary contributions of "matreque meu et fratres mei…mater mea Elisabet…Adam…Rotbertus…Gervasius clericus…". Canon at Saint-Martin d'Angers [1085]. "Quemdam nobilem juvenem, Gervasium nomine, nepotem illius…Gervasii ejusdem ecclesie quondam episcopi" was installed as deacon of the church of Le Mans dated [1083/90]. The reference to "juvenem" suggests a birth date much later than the [1035/45] estimated birth date of the elder Gervais son of Robert. "Guiscelin" abandoned his claim to Chémon by charter dated [1085] which names "Gervasius de Castro Ledi et Gervasius frater eius, canonicus Sancti Martini, Adam frater eorum, Helisabeth mater eorum". 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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