Eudes [I] de Blois Comte de Blois
(-Between 0995/0995)
Berthe de Bourgogne
(Abt 0964/0965-After 1010)
Eudes [II] de Blois Comte de Blois
(Abt 0982/0983-1037)


Family Links

1. Mathilde de Normandie
2. Ermengarde d'Auvergne

Eudes [II] de Blois Comte de Blois

  • Born: Abt 982-983 1
  • Marriage (1): Mathilde de Normandie about 1003-1004 1
  • Marriage (2): Ermengarde d'Auvergne about 1005 1 2
  • Died: 15 Nov 1037 aged about 55 1
  • BuriedMale: Basilique Saint-Martin de Tours, Tours, Indre-et-Loire, Centre, 37000, FR 1

   Cause of his death was Killed in battle by Gothelon I, Duc de Lotharingie.

  General Notes:

EUDES de Blois, son of EUDES I Comte de Blois & his wife Berthe de Bourgogne [Welf] ([982/83]-killed in battle Commercy 15 Nov 1037, bur Tours, Abbaye de Saint-Martin, Marmoutier). "Odo comes" restored "villam...Culturas" to Marmoutier, for the souls of "...domini Hugonis archiepiscopi, cujus ibi corpus...jacet", by charter dated to [986], subscribed by "Berte comitissæ uxoris eius, majoris filii eius Teutboldi, filii eius Odonis adhuc in cunabulo". "Odonis comitis, Rotberti filii eius, Tetbaldi filius eius, Odonis alterius filius, Hugonis vicecomitis Castridunensis, Raherii de Montigniaco" subscribed the charter dated 989 under which "Robert Vicomte de Blois" donated property to the abbey of Evron. A charter dated 996 records the confirmation by "comitissæ Berthæ" of the donation by "Odo comes" of property for the construction of the abbey of Bourgeuil, with the consent of "filiorum suorum Teobaldi…atque Odonis". He succeeded his brother in [1004] as EUDES II Comte de Blois, de Chartres, de Châteaudun et de Tours. "Berta...regina cum filiis meis Tetbaldo...episcopo nec non Odoni comitis" donated tonlieu over boats at Blois to Marmoutier by undated charter. "Bertæ reginæ, Odonis comitis filii eius…" subscribed the charter dated 1004 under which "Gislebertus prepositus" recorded a donation. Rodulfus Glaber records that "secundus Odo filius…prioris Odonis" seized all the estates of "Stephanus comes Trecorum et Meldorum, Heriberti filius" after the latter died without an heir. Comte de Sancerre, Seigneur de Chinon et de Saumur. Guillaume de Jumièges records that Comte Eudes refused to return the castle of Dreux to Richard II Duke of Normandy after the death of his first wife. Rodulfus Glaber refers to the "perpetual quarrels and frequent wars" between "secundus Odo filius…prioris Odonis" and Foulques III Comte d'Anjou. "Odonis…comitis" [Eudes II Comte de Blois] donated part of the county of Beauvais to "Rogerius sanctæ Belvacensis sedis…pontifex", recorded in the charter dated 1015, confirmed by Robert II King of France. The Chronicon Sancti Petri Vivi Senonensis records that, after fleeing Sens in 1016, Renaud [II] Comte de Sens sought refuge with "Odonem Comitem"(presumably Eudes II Comte de Blois) with whom he built "castrum Monsteriolum…super Sequanæ fluvium" (Montereau). "Odo comes filius [Odonis comitis]" confirmed a donation of his father by charter dated to [1032/37], subscribed by "Tetbaldi filii eius, matris eius Ermengardis…Hervei vicecomitis". Rodulfus Glauber records the challenge by "Odo natus ex filia Chuonradi regis Austrasiorum, Berta nomine" to the accession by Emperor Konrad II to the kingdom of Burgundy after the death of his maternal uncle Rudolf III King of Burgundy. Herimannus names "Odo sororis eiusdem [=Roudolfus, ignavus Burgundiæ regulus] filium, princeps Gallicæ Campaniæ" when recording his challenge to the succession of Emperor Konrad II to the kingdom of Burgundy in 1032. After the emperor agreed an alliance with Henri I King of France, comte Eudes besieged Toul but was forced to retreat by the emperor who arrived in the town 20 Aug 1033. In Spring 1034, he ravaged the Meuse valley. Eudes captured Bar 14 Nov 1037, intending to continue to Aix-la-Chapelle where he would declare himself emperor. The Annales Sangallenses record the battle between "Gozelinum et Uotonem comittibus" in 1037 in which Comte Eudes was defeated and killed. His forces were defeated at Commercy where Comte Eudes was killed. Rodolfus Glaber records his place of burial. The necrology of Saint-Cloud records the death "XII Kal Dec" of "Odo palacii comes". The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death "XVII Kal Dec" of "Odo palatii comes". The necrology of Verdun Saint-Vanne records the death "XVII Kal Dec" of "Odo, Manasses, Euzuinus, Dudo comites ante Bar castrum prelio interempti".

m firstly ([1003/04]) MATHILDE de Normandie, daughter of RICHARD I "Sans-peur" Comte [de Normandie] & his second wife Gunnora --- (-[1005]). Guillaume of Jumièges names "Emma...secunda Hadvis...tertia Mathildis" as the three daughters of Richard and his wife "Gunnor ex nobilissima Danorum prosapia ortam", adding that Mathilde married "Odoni comiti" by whom she was childless, a later passage stating that her dowry was "medietatem Dorcasini castri". The same source recounts that this difficulty was the basis for the dispute between Comte Eudes and Duke Richard which escalated into the construction of the château de Tillières ("castrum Tegulense") Verneuil, Eure and Eudes's defeat while attempting to capture it.

m secondly (1005) ERMENGARDE d'Auvergne, daughter of [GUILLAUME [IV] Comte d'Auvergne & his wife Humberge de Brioude] (11 or 12 Mar --- -after 1042). The Flandria Generosa names "altera Ermengardis comitissa" as daughter of "Ermengardis comitissa Arvenensis", and mother of "Berta comitissa [=de Blois]", when outlining the basis for the consanguinity between Baudouin VII Count of Flanders and [Hawise] de Bretagne, which provided the grounds for the couple's separation. As discussed fully in the document AUVERGNE, less chronological difficulties result if Ermengarde was in fact the daughter of Guillaume [IV] Comte d'Auvergne and his wife Humberge, although this is not without doubt. The date of Ermengarde's marriage is fixed by the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines which names "comitissam Turonensem Ermengardem" as wife of "Odonem Campaniensem comitem" when recording in 1005 their joint restoration of "Turonis maioris monasterii". "Odonis comitis, Ermengardis uxoris eius, Bertæ reginæ…"subscribed the charter dated after 1005 under which "comitem Odonem" donated property "in comitatu Dunensi…Boscus Medius" to "Sancti Petri". The necrology of Saint-Père-en-Vallée records the death "IV Id Mar" of "Ermengardis comitissa". The necrology of Pontlevoy records the death "V Id Mar" of "Ermengardis comitissa".

Comte Eudes II & his second wife had four children: Thibaut, Etienne, Berthe and ? 1


• Title: Comte de Blois, Bef 1004.

Eudes married Mathilde de Normandie, daughter of Richard [I] de Normandie Comte de Normandie and Gunnora, about 1003-1004.1 (Mathilde de Normandie died about 1005.)

Eudes next married Ermengarde d'Auvergne, daughter of Guillaume IV d'Auvergne Comte d'Auvergne and Humberge de Brioude, about 1005.1 2 (Ermengarde d'Auvergne was born about 1010 and died after 11-12 Mar 1042.)


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