Richard de Aguillon of Nutbourne & Marden
(Abt 1143-After 1201)
Ela de Freville
(Abt 1145-)
Fulk de Beaufo Lord of Thatcham
(Abt 1140-Bef 1207)
Robert de Aguillon of Marden
(Abt 1164-After 1232)
Agatha de Beaufo
(Abt 1165-)
Robert de Aguillon of Old Buckhurst
(Abt 1186-Abt 1249)


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1. Margery de Fresney

Robert de Aguillon of Old Buckhurst 1 2 3

  • Born: Abt 1186
  • Marriage (1): Margery de Fresney
  • Died: Abt 1249 aged about 63

   Another name for Robert was Robert de Aquillon.

  Research Notes:

Curt Hofemann, curt_hofemann AT, in a post-em, states:

ROBERT, [the original, and possibly only Robert--existence of a 2nd Robert (as father) is speculative at this time]], son and heir. [details of his career from 1203 to 1232 are given. Paget says this is the elder Robert, but as I said before, I wonder whether there may really be two Roberts in succession here.] Ref: Chris Phillips 6 Oct 2001] Research note: there is question as to the accuracy of Paget's Peerage - until corroborating sources confirm the above, I leave Robert as the 1st of the line... Curt


Following is the argument for a 2 Robert theory, of which this Robert is the younger, put forth by Chris Phillips (which I have followed):

Paget gives further details of the "elder" Robert's career, from 1203 to 1227, and says he married Agatha, dau and coheir of Fulk Beaufoy [citing Blomefield's History of Norfolk], and says he had 4 daughters by her (repeating some of the errors about the daughters…). He adds that Robert married secondly Alice, widow of John de Wahull (d.1217) [citing Bracton's Notebook, no 1182] and daughter of William de Munchensi, and that Robert was still living 1232.

Having said that, we know that the mother of the "elder" Robert's 4 daughters was not in fact Agatha de Beaufo, but Margery, daughter of William de Fresney. Also that at least two of these daughters gave birth to their heirs around 1240. And that C.J. Phillips in his History of the Sackville Family makes Agatha de Beaufo the mother of Robert, not his wife.

So could it be that there are two Roberts here - the first who was active by 1203 and married Agatha de Beaufo, and the second who married Margery de Fresney and died around 1249 leaving 4 daughters and a widow Alice "de Merley/Marley"? Perhaps this Alice is the same one mentioned above, in any case.

[Chris Phillips, message to soc.genealogy.medieval, 24 Sep 2001]


Also Chris Phillips posted to SGM on 23 Apr 2001:

The Robert de Aguillon who married Margery de Fresney (or Frethnei) is the same one who is supposed to have married Agatha de Beaufo (according to Blomefield's History of Norfolk etc). But it seems clear, at any rate that Margery was the mother of his four daughters and coheirs. One author (C.J.Phillips, in "History of the Sackville Family", 1929) says Agatha was the mother, not the wife, of this Robert.


The following assumes only 1 Robert with Agatha (rather than Margery Fresney) being mother of the daughters:

Agatha, by Sir Robert Aguillon, left also 4 daughters and coheirs, between whom her moiety was divided; Agatha, wife of Sir Adam de Cockfield; Isabel, of Luke de Ponyngs; Margery, of Jordan de Sackville, and after of Sir Gyles de Argenton; and Joan, of Sir RalphFitz-Bernard.

[An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: volume 8, pp. 410-419. URL: kfield Date accessed: 06 March 2012.]


NOTE: I have an extra Adam de Cockfield/Cokefield in the descent from Adam & Agatha, partly because estimated birth dates imply an extra generation, and also because The Complete Peerage states that Joan's parents are Adam & Joan (not Agatha).

NOTE: The above marriage of Margery to Jordan de Sackville is not the way that I have it. I have that Margery as the daughter of another Robert de Aguillon. Given the death dates of Jordan Sackville and Gyles de Argenton, it doesn't seem possible that the same person could be married to both. The marriage was also questioned on SGM by Chris Phillips, as below, on 29 Jul 2001:

These four daughters of Robert Aguillon seem to be bedevilled by genealogical confusion. Blomefield and others cite evidence suggesting that the daughter Margery's heir was Andrew de Sackville, said to be her son by Jordan de Sackville. But as argued on the web page, the evidence seems to be clear that her heir was Reginald de Argentein, her son by Giles de Argentein, and it seems impossible that she could even have been married to Jordan de Sackville. Margery's inheritance seems to have passed from Reginald de Argentein to Andrew de Sackville by a fine in c.1282.

Robert married Margery de Fresney, daughter of William de Fresney and Unknown. (Margery de Fresney was born about 1188.)


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3 George Edward Cokayne, "Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom" (Sutton Publishing Ltd., 2000), I:196.

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