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William Comyn Earl of Buchan
Margaret of Buchan Countess of Buchan
(-Between 1242/1244)
Roger de Quincy 2nd Earl of Winchester
Helen of Galloway
(-After 1245)
Alexander Comyn Earl of Buchan
(-Between 1290/1290)
Elizabeth de Quincy
John Comyn Earl of Buchan
(Abt 1259-Between 1308/1308)


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John Comyn Earl of Buchan

  • Born: Abt 1259 1 2
  • Died: Between 11 Aug and 3 Dec 1308 1

  General Notes:

JOHN Comyn ([1259]-in England [11 Aug/3 Dec] 1308). Andrew Wyntoun's Cronykil names "Willame" as son of "Alysawndyr that Erle wes off Buchane", adding that he had "swynnys twa, Jhon and Alysandyre". The Annales Londonienses name "Johan Comyn counte de Boghan" as the son of "la countesse de Boghham". John of Fordun's Scotichronicon (Continuator) records the appointment of "domino Willelmo Fraser episcopo Sancti Andreć, Duncano comite de Fyfe, et Johanne Comyn comite de Buchan, ex parte boreali aquć de Forth, Roberto episcopo Glasguensi, domino Johanne Comyn, et Jacobo senescallo Scotić, ex parte australi eiusdem" as the six guardians of the realm after the death in 1286 of King Alexander III. He succeeded his father in 1290 as Earl of Buchan. He swore fealty to Edward I King of England, fought Robert Bruce who defeated him at Inverury 22 May 1308. He retired to England and his estates in Scotland were forfeited.

m ISABEL Macduff of Fife, daughter of DUNCAN Earl of Fife & his wife Joan de Clare. Orders for the "farther…custody of the countesses of Carrick and Buchan, Marie and Christine the sisters, and Margerie the daughter, of Robert de Brus", specifying that "three of the ladies to be in kages", are dated 7 Nov 1306. She was released in Apr 1313. 1


• Inquisition, 6 Apr 1290. 2 753. Alexander Comyn, earl of Boghan.

Writ, 6 April, 18 Edw. I. Leicester. Inq. 14 April, 18 Edw. I. Whytewyk. The manor, whereof he enfeoffed John his son and heir seven years ago and more, with all his other lands in the counties of Leicester and Warwick, to be held of him by service of ˝ knight's fee. He held nothing in his demesne as of fee on the day he died of the king in chief. John Comyn his son, aged 30 and more, is his next heir.

C. Edw. I. File 56. (9.)


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