Renaud [I] de Saint-Valéry
(-After 1163)
Bernard [III] de Saint-Valéry
(-Abt 1191)
(-After 1194)
Mathilde de Saint-Valéry


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1. William [III] de Braose

Mathilde de Saint-Valéry 2 3 4

  • Born: 1155 5 6
  • Marriage (1): William [III] de Braose between 1170 and 1175 1
  • Died: 1210, Corfe Castle, The Square, Corfe Castle, Swanage, Dorset, BH20 5EZ, GB aged 55 7 8

   Cause of her death was Starvation, while imprisoned, under the orders of King John.

   Another name for Mathilde was Maud "Lady of La Haie" de Saint-Valéry.

  General Notes:

MATHILDE de Saint-Valéry (-Corfe Castle 1210). The 13th century Histoire des ducs de Normandie et des rois d´Angleterre names "fille fu Bernart de Saint-Waleri…Mehaus" as the wife of "Guillaumes de Brayouse", commenting that she once boasted about her cows to "Bauduin le conte d´Aubemalle son neveu". A manuscript which narrates the descents of the founders of Lanthony Abbey names "Matildis de S. Walerico, quondam uxoris Willielmi de Brewes" when recording the marriage of her daughter. "Willelmus de Braosa dominus de Brechen" donated property to Flaxley Abbey, Gloucestershire, for the souls of "uxoris meæ Matildis de Sancto Walerico et puerorum nostrorum", by undated charter, witnessed by "Willelmo et Philippo filiis meis". The Annals of Waverley record that "Matildis matrona nobilis cognomento de la Haie, uxor Willelmi de Braose" was captured with "Willelmo filio suo milite…in Galwaitha" in 1210 and starved to death "apud Windeshores". Matthew Paris records that "uxorem Willelmi de Brause et Willelmum filium eius cum uxore sua" were captured in 1210 at the siege of Meath, but escaped, were captured again "in insula de May", and imprisoned at Windsor, in a later passage recording that all four died "apud Windleshores". A manuscript which narrates the descents of the founders of Lanthony Abbey records that "Mathildis uxor eius et Willielmus filius eorum" (referring to William, son of "Willelmo Brewes" and his wife "Berta…comitis Milonis secunda filia") were imprisoned by King John and died in prison. The Annals of Dunstable record that "Willelmum de Brause juniorem et sororem eius et Matildam matrem eius" were captured in Ireland in 1210 by King John, adding that they later died in prison. The 13th century Histoire des ducs de Normandie et des rois d´Angleterre records that "Mehaus sa feme [Guillaumes de Braiouse] et Guillaumes ses fils" fled from King John to Ireland where they were captured at "le castiel de Cracfergu", taken to England, and imprisoned at "el castiel del Corf" where they were starved to death. The question whether "Mathilde de Saint-Valéry" and "Mathilde de la Haie" refer to the same person appears to be resolved by the 13th century Histoire des ducs de Normandie et des rois d´Angleterre which records her parentage and the circumstances of her death in the same lengthy passage.

m ([1170/75]) WILLIAM [III] de Briouse, son of WILLIAM [II] de Briouse Lord of Abergavenny, Briouse, Bramber, Brecon and Over-Gwent & his wife Bertha of Hereford (-Corbeil 9 Apr 1211, bur Paris, Saint-Victor). 7

Mathilde married William [III] de Braose, son of William [II] de Braose of Bramber and Abergavenny and Bertha of Hereford, between 1170 and 1175.1 (William [III] de Braose died on 9 Apr 1211 in Corbeil-Essonnes, Essonne, Île-de-France, 91100, FR 2 3 and was buried in Abbaye Saint-Victor de Paris, Paris, Île-de-France, FR.)


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