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William [III] de Braose
Mathilde de Saint-Valéry
William de Briwere
(Abt 1145-1226)
Reynold de Braose of Abergavenny
(-Between 1227/1228)
Grace de Briwere
(-Bef 1215)
William de Braose of Abergavenny
(Abt 1197-1230)


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1. Eva Marshal

William de Braose of Abergavenny 1 2 3

  • Born: Abt 1197
  • Marriage (1): Eva Marshal
  • Died: 2 May 1230 aged about 33 1 3 4

   Cause of his death was Hanged by Llewelyn, Prince of Wales, after intrigues with his wife..4

  General Notes:

WILLIAM de Briouse (-hanged 2 May 1230). A manuscript which narrates the descents of the founders of Lanthony Abbey names "Willielmus de Brews quartus" as son of "Reginaldus de Brews" and his wife "filiam domini Willielmus de la Bruere". The Red Book of the Exchequer records "Willelmus de Braosa" holding one knight's fee "in Eadburgetone" in Kent in [1210/12]. Henry III King of England granted "honore de la Cnappe et de…Bremble", relinquished by "Reginaldus de Braosa", to "Willelmo de Braosa filio et heredi suo" dated 7 Aug 1218. "Willelmi de Braosa" gave homage to King Henry III for lands "que Reginaldus de Braosa pater suus de rege tenuit in capite" dated 13 Jul 1228. The Annals of Tewkesbury record that "W. de Breuse filius Reginaldi de Breuse" was captured by "Lewelinum" in 1228. The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales records that "William Bruse was hanged by Llywelyn son of Iorewerth, having been caught in the chamber of the prince with the princess Jannet, daughter of King John and wife of the prince" in 1230. The Annals of Dunstable record that "Willelmus de Brause" was captured and hanged by "Leulino" in 1230. The Annals of Tewkesbury record that "Lewelinus princeps Norwalliĉ" captured and hanged "Willelmum de Breuse filium Reginaldi" after Easter in 1230. The Annals of Margan record that "Lewelinus" captured and killed "Willelmum de Brewsa juniorem" in 1230, adding that it was partly motivated by his old hatred of "progenitorum suorum…Willelmi de Brewas senioris et Matildis de Sancto Walerico uxoris suĉ" who had killed many Welsh people, which confuses William de Briouse, son of Reynold, with his cousin William de Briouse, son of William.

m EVA Marshal , daughter of WILLIAM Marshal Earl of Pembroke & his wife Isabel Ctss of Pembroke ([1200/10]-before 1246). The Chronicle of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire records that "quinta filia…Willihelmi Marescalli…Eva" married "Willielmo de Brewes". If it is correct that Eva was her parents' fifth daughter, she would have been born after [1200]. A manuscript which narrates the descents of the founders of Lanthony Abbey names "Willielmus de Brews quartus" married "Evam filiam domini Willielmi Mareschalli". Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by a letter from "L. princeps" to "domino W. Marescallo comiti Penbrochiĉ" assuring him that he still wishes the proposed marriage between "neptem vestram et filium nostrum David" to take place. King Henry III granted "in villa de Haya" to "Eve de Braose" dated 6 Jun 1232.

William & his wife had four children: Isabel, Matilda, Eva and Eleanor.

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William de Briouze, son and heir by 1st wife. He m. Eve, daughter an in her issue coheir of William (Marshal), Earl of Strigul and Pembroke, by Isabel, suo jure Countess of Pembroke. He d. 2 May 1230, being hanged by Llewelyn [ap Iorwerth, his step-mother's father] abovenamed. His widow d. bef. 1246. [Complete Peerage I:22, XIV:6]


William de Braose fell victim to the jealousy of Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, who suspecting an intimacy between him and the princess, his wife, King Henry's sister, invited him to an Easter feast, and treacherously cast him in prison at the conclusion of the banquet. He was soon afterwards put to death with the unfortunate princess. [I believe Joan Plantagenet died 6 or 7 years later.]

From The Genealogist article by Wm. Addams Reitwiesner

He was discovered in Joan's chambers, accused of being her lover, and promptly and publicly hanged. While the story that William and Joan were lovers has been generally accepted, the Annals of Margam (in T. Gale, ed , Historiae Britannicae et Anglicanae Scriptores XX (Oxford, 1687), 2-18, [anno] MCCXXX) implies that the "intimacy" was devised by Llywelyn to avenge himself on William for political injuries inflicted not only by William but by the entire Braose family; the execution was hailed by the Welsh as a vindication of a blood-feud against the Braoses dating from at least 1176. Indeed, shortly after the execution Llywelyn wrote to William's widow Eva and to William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, Eva's brother, stating, in effect, that so far as he was concerned, the intended marriage between Llywelyn's son Dafydd and Eva's daughter Isabella could go forward as planned, and that he could not have prevented the Welsh magnates from taking their vengeance. See J. Goronwy Edwards, Calendar of Ancient Correspondence concerning Wales (Board of Celtic Studies of the University of Wales, History and Law Series, 2)(Cardiff, 1935), pp 51-52, nos. XI.56a, 56b. The marriage in fact took place three months later. 4

William married Eva Marshal, daughter of William Marshal 1st Earl of Pembroke and Isabel de Clare Countess of Pembroke. (Eva Marshal was born between 1200 and 1210 4 and died before 1246 1 3.)


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