Conan [I] de Rennes Duc de Bretagne


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1. Ermengarde d'Anjou

Conan [I] de Rennes Duc de Bretagne

  • Marriage (1): Ermengarde d'Anjou in 973 1
  • Died: 27 Jun 992, "Bataille de Conquereuil", Conquereil, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, 44290, FR 1

   Cause of his death was Killed in battle..1

   Another name for Conan was Conan "le Tort" de Rennes.1

  General Notes:

CONAN de Rennes, son of JUDICA╦L [Juhael] Comte de Rennes & his wife Gerberge --- (-killed in battle Conquereil 27 Jun 992). The Chronicle of Nantes names "Conano filio Judicael Berengarii Redonensi comite" when recording that he held a large part of Brittany from Thibaut [II] Comte de Blois and fought with HoŰl Comte de Nantes. His parentage is confirmed by the Chronico Sancti Michaelis which records the death of his grandson "Gaufridus Dux BritanniŠ filius Conani filii Juhelli Berengarii" in 1008. Comte de Rennes. He succeeded in [970] as CONAN I "le Tort" Duke of Brittany. Rodulfus Glaber records that Conan "crowned himself with a royal diadem", was defeated by his brother-in-law Foulques Comte d'Anjou, and surrendered after his right hand had been cut off. The Chronico Sancti Michaelis records that "Conanus Britoůfilius Juhelli Berengarii" was killed in battle "V Kal Jul 992" against Foulques Comte d'Anjou. The Chronicle of Nantes reports that he was killed at the battle of Conquereuil, dated "992 V Kal Jul" in the Chronicon britannicum. The Chronicon Kemperlegiense records the death "in bello ConšurrušůV Kal Jul" of "Conanus comes, filius IudicaŰlis Berengarii Comitis Redonensis".

m (973) ERMENGARDE d'Anjou, daughter of GEOFFROY I "Grisegonelle" Comte d'Anjou & his first wife Adela de Meaux [Vermandois-Carolingian] (before 965-after 982). Rodulfus Glaber records that Conan married the sister of Foulques of Anjou but does not name her. The primary source which confirms her name has not yet been identified.

Duke Conan I & his wife had five children: Geoffroy, Judith, Judicael, Catuallon and Hurnod. 1

Conan married Ermengarde d'Anjou, daughter of Geoffroy d'Anjou Comte d'Anjou and Adela de Meaux, in 973.1 (Ermengarde d'Anjou was born before 965 1 and died after 982 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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