William [I] Mauduit Chamberlain of the Exchequer
(-Bef 1105)
Michael de Hanslope
William [II] Mauduit Chamberlain of the Exchequer
(-Between 1153/1158)
Matilda de Hanslope
John Mauduit
(-After 1204)


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John Mauduit

  • Died: After 1204

  General Notes:

[JOHN Mauduit (-[after 1204]). "H[enricus] dux Normann[orum] et Aquit[anorum] et comes Andeg[avorum]" restored "Will[el]mo Maledocto cam[erario] meo" to his office and lands in Normandy and England, including what "Rob[er]tus Maledoctus frater suus" held from King Henry I, by charter dated [7 Jun] 1153, witnessed by "…Joh[ann]e Maledocto…". It is possible that the witness was the son of the grantee. Military fee certifications in the Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, record "Johannem Malduit" holding one knight´s fee from "Willelmus Malduit camerarius" in Buckinghamshire. Domesday Descendants notes that he died after 1178 "leaving issue" but gives no further details. Philippe II King of France granted "la terre que Jean et Robert Mauduit avaient possédée à Saint-Martin" to "Baudouin de Lihus" by charter dated [22 Apr 1207/5 Apr 1208].]

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